Tilmathi- A hidden black sand beach


View of the sea from the hillock

Photo of Karwar, Karnataka, India by Shruthi Hegde
Photo of Karwar, Karnataka, India by Shruthi Hegde

Serenity, solitude, black sand and heaps of white shells...Yes! This is what you get to experience and witness as you get a glimpse of this hidden beach.

A drive of just 10 kms away from Karwar town will take you to a quaint little village called Majali.

This village, too, has a beach with very few people around and the beach with usual brown sand.

But, as you move forward and hike through a hillock for about 30-45 mins you will reach the secluded Tilmathi beach with black sand strewn across all over.

'Tilmathi' gets its name from Konkani- 'Til' meaning sesame and 'mathi' meaning sand. The sand found in this area resembles black sesame, hence the name Tilamthi. The sand gets its black colour due to the constant friction of waves to the basaltic rocks found abundantly in the vicinity.

It is also believed that the Arabian sea dumps the fine black sand brought by river Kali to this place.

Another uniqueness of the place lies in the fact that it is totally untouched by visitors; not a soul to be seen as far as your eyes can gaze. You almost feel that you are at a private beach hidden by the hillock.

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