Tips for Staying at a Dog friendly Hotel

Photo of Tips for Staying at a Dog friendly Hotel by Sephora Couturier

Perhaps the reason you are reading this article is you are planning for the first-overnight check-in with your puppy. You are in the right place my friend, as a dog lover and explorer myself, this tips are helpful and based on experience. Before we continue I want to introduce my cute buddy, her name is Little (Chihuahua). The following are tips for staying at dog-friendly hotels San Francisco.

First and foremost, it is not advisable to travel if your best friend is sick, injured or pregnant they ought to be at home. In that case, you should bring them to the vet.

Do your homework

Plan ahead and choose the hotel wisely. Read and confirm the hotel policy and visit some review website before making a reservation. The following are policy that varies from hotel to hotel.

Some hotel might have a dog size limit.

Most hotels have a strict limit of numbers of dogs allowed per room.

Several hotels are cautious, they have a list of an unwelcome breed.

Hotels usually include pets in their regular rates, but others charge them separately.

All of them charge additional fee when your pooch makes some chews and damage the room.

Make preparation

It is very important to put identification or other crucial information like your phone number and address on the collar. This is a precaution if you got separated to him/her. Also, if Doogie is not yet microchip perhaps this is the right time. Also, bring the necessary supply that you might need inside the room. The following are some of the items.

● Supply of dog food

● Basic dog food and water dispenser

● Also, you can bring a portable puppy toilet

● Some hotel required a dog crate, especially when the dog is left alone.

● Bring a plastic bag that is designed for picking up the poop.

● Don't forget their chewable toys (to avoid chewing the furniture)

● If you don’t bring the items, ask the hotel early on or inquire it before reservation.

Choose the right room

If your dog is not familiar on riding elevator, it's better to make a reservation on the ground floor, also avoid the room near an elevator, dogs are sensitive to noise and prone to barking.

Although most of the hotel rooms have a fridge, make sure your room has, you need this for keeping the food fresh. Before letting your dog play, make sure that the furniture can't pose an injury.

Don't leave them in a quiet room

Some hotels require that the dog can't be left alone. If you will do, it's better to turn on the light and TV, it will distract them from outside noise. In addition, you need to inform the staff and put a “Do not disturb” sign.

Play safe

If you will leave the room always put a collar with information, in case it manages to run outside. Also, don't forget to give your cell phone number to the staff, so that they can call you if something happens or if its barking and causing a ruckus.

Be courteous

Mind your mess, bring some sheet or blanket from home to protect the furniture or the spreadsheet of the hotel. You need to do this so that the management will continue to be a dog-friendly hotel.

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