Tips on How to Split Logs for Firewood


After a busy week or if you have just concluded a big time contract with a client, why not spend a weekend with you family in some remote place away from the busy city streets and heavy traffic? A day or two in a remote cabin up in some cold mountain or out in the woods would be a great way to spend the weekend.

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But you cannot expect that everything is all set up for the cold nights out in the woods. For this, you might need to consider splitting some hardwood to get your fireplace working. A nice warm night in front of the fireplace would be great.

Here are some tips on how to split logs for firewood:

1. You need a maul or an axe or any splitting wedge to do the job. Sharpness is not actually the key in splitting hardwood. Remember, you are not cutting or chopping the wood, you are splitting them. So wideness of the head of the axe will do the work well. A splitting wedge must be accompanied by a sledge to help you drive it into the wood until it splits.

2. The wood you will be splitting must be cut into length depending on the size of your fireplace or stove. For smaller fireplaces, you need to cut the wood shorter. It would be difficult to split hardwood when they are longer. Take note that you need them to stand still when splitting them.

3. You need a chopping block. It must have a plain surface, to keep the log standing. It is very dangerous to work with an uneven block. An unsteady chunk of wood is extremely difficult to hit with precision. The most common chopping block is a large trunk of a tree. It must be wide enough for you to work safely. The block must not be too tall or too short. A concrete block is not a good. The ground is not also a safe place where you can split logs.

4. Find a safe place to split the logs. Keep the place clear from debris. Make sure that the spot is sufficiently even and no other objects around or persons nearby who could be hit. But take note that you need someone who can at least help you in case of accidents. Someone is at least watching you or present around the vicinity to come to your aid when you are hurt.

5. Work with protective gears on. Wear your work gloves and protective boots. The work gloves will save your hands from splinters. You don't want your work disrupted because of the stinging pains caused by these splinters. You might as well consider wearing steel-toed boots.

Learn more about the proper way of splitting wood. You can read more articles on the proper way to use a maul to split hardwood or the correct way of using a splitting wedge. Also do not discount the fact that you can buy splitting tools like a log splitter. With this, you don't need to go to the market and buy split firewood.

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