Tips to protect your valuables from theives


You will often find thorns in beds of roses. People who hit the road are prone to thief attacks. It is more common thank you think it is. I am putting down a few tips that I heard from seasoned travellers to keep your money/valuables safe.

1) Always carry a second wallet with you. Put a little money and an invalid credit/ debit card in the second wallet. Keep the wallet in an obvious place and keep the main wallet in a secure place.

2) Sew a hidden pocket in your sock and put your money there.

3) Use anti-theft purses and backpacks. You can find them on e-commerce sites.

4) Use jackets that have hidden pockets.

5) Tape a visible part of your phone/camera with a masking tape or duct tape, so that it looks like a damaged piece. Robbers wouldn't be interested in broken items.

6) If you find a sign or warning about wallet lifters, do not pat your wallet. Wallet lifters generally roam around these areas and keep noting people.

7) Stick to dull coloured purses and bags. Flashy bags attract unwanted attention.

Safe journey!

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