Hear The Mountains Calling- Tirthan Valley

1st Oct 2014

Tirthan River

Photo of Tirthan River by Saloni Bhatia
Photo of by Saloni Bhatia
Photo of by Saloni Bhatia
Photo of by Saloni Bhatia
Photo of by Saloni Bhatia
Photo of by Saloni Bhatia
Photo of by Saloni Bhatia
Photo of by Saloni Bhatia

Mountains Calling- Tirthan Valley

Bitten by the travel bug, I was already in love with the mountains. So when I heard of this small secluded valley in Himachal Pradesh, packed bags and a perfect holiday weekend was all I needed to travel to Tirthan. Situated in the Kullu District of Himachal, it is easy accessible via bus and a smooth 544 km from Delhi, 267 Km from Chandigarh. One can take up the bus service till Aut and get a pick up arranged from the cottages or homestays where you plan to stay. One can also chose the ShimlaNarkanda route , but it is longer and takes a good 18 hour drive from Delhi.

Surrounded by mountains, a dancing river flowing through and lush green forests, this valley is untouched by the rush of sprawling tourists and at 1600 metres stands proud with its beauty. The silence is only broken by an approaching car that once passed by leaves you yet again to enjoy nature in all its glory. It is a pleasant getaway from the city and the best time to visit is the Spring Season when the valley is covered with Apple Orchards. In case you don’t get a chance during Spring, any extended weekend in between March- November and you shall have a great time here.

For the Peace Lovers
The last rays of the sun all set to leave the valley, the river splashing on the huge boulders is making way to your ears while you sit in your cottage balcony with a cup of tea in your hand and a book in the other. What else could a peace lover wish for. This small village is surely the one escape route you would want every once in a while. Leaving the rush of the city and all that thinking behind, once in the mountains, the senses open up to all that the nature has to offer.

For the Adventure Seekers
If you are not the sit in the balcony and enjoy the tea person, you won’t be disappointed, as the valley is also the gateway to the Great Himalayan National Park. Camping, Trekking, Rock Climbing, Born Fires, everything is store for you. Take up the 18 Km trek from Gushaini that leads you to the gate of the Great Himalayan National Park. The waterfall at the gate is worth the 3 hour trek that takes you through the dense forest in the valley. You can chose to camp for the night and enjoy a born fire up the hill.

What not to Miss

Trout Fishing – The season is from March – October and all the fish lovers and enjoy a lazy morning by the riverside fishing for their dinner. Very famous in the area, this is said to be a must have experience when in the valley. So get your rods, and you can always learn how to fish.

Watch the Stars at Night – I know this might not seem like the ideal thing to list here, but sometimes people need to be reminded of the small little beautiful things. So when in the valley, find a big rock , next to river, and watch the stars at night. You would witness such surreal beauty that is going to take your breath away. A sky full of stars, the chill in the breeze and running river by the side. It does not get any better than this.

So do visit this beautiful valley to enjoy nature in its purest of forms and get a pleasant escape from the rush of the city.


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Photo of Ankit Sood
Ankit Sood
Thanks for describing my valley so beautifully ! Do visit us again.
Thu 01 01 15, 01:22 · Reply · Edit · Delete ·
Photo of Heena Mann
Heena Mann
I love how simply and beautifully Saloni has described this unexplored valley of Teerthal! I have already put it on my list.
Tue 12 30 14, 03:32 · Reply · Edit · Delete ·