Top 10 Best Things To Do In Thailand

28th Nov 2017

Thailand's cultural and natural landscape is very rich that tourists may choose Thailand cultural tours or Thailand nature tours.

If you are the first time to travel Thailand, here's the top 10 best things to do for you.

1)Worshiping Buddha

When entering a temple in Thailand, watching the local people are reverently kneeling on the ground and holding incense or lotus flower, you can worship Buddha just like them. Maybe only you put your palms together devoutly, reverently lowering your head, you will be profoundly understanding of the devotion to Buddha of the Thai people.

2) Experiencing Thai Massage

When you come to Thailand, you must experience the most authentic Thai massage. When you play for a day, you will feel tired, then Thai massage will definitely help you eliminate your fatigue. Meanwhile, you can also feel the distinctive culture of this nation in the massage.

3) Seeing A Freak Show

Coming to Thailand, you must go to Pattaya to see a large freak show. In Thailand, Simon is the third kind of sex, so Simon’s performance is a legitimate occupation.

4) Shopping In Weekend market

The weekend market in Bangkok is the largest weekend market in the world, and more than 15000 stalls sell goods from all over Thailand, such as antique wood carving, clay handicrafts, the characteristics of Thailand small ornaments, Buddhist amulets, Tess.

5) Eating Street Food

In Thailand street, you will see every kind of frying food, colorful dessert, tropical fruit and many strange foods that you can’t call their name. You will find that these strange food is so delicious.

6) Elephant Volunteer Tour

You can spend a whole day or more observing and learning about their natural behaviors, feeding them fruit and river bathing with them. Start a fantasy friendship with those huge creatures.

7) Diving and Dialogue With Fish

Going to Thailand, one thing will not be missed is dialogue with fish. You can take your oxygen bottles, diving into the sea and playing with fish. Thailand has many islands, like Koh Tao and Phi Phi islands, are Thailand diving bases, because their water visibility up to more than 10 meters.

8) Experiencing The Aquatic Market

You can take a boat on the water and bargain with vendors. When the dealers have a good impression on you, they will hook your boat directly to their boat and let you select their merchandise.

9) Chatting With Thai people

Whether you travel in England, Thailand or other countries, you have to talk to the locals. Maybe when you talk, you can feel Thai people who are different from your imagination. Perhaps in your communication, their friendly smile and sweet voice deeply attract you.

10) Seeing the Muay Thai

Thai boxing is a traditional boxing movement in Thailand, you can catch the scene at the ratchadamnoen stadium. If you are a super Muay Thai fans, then March is the good time to go to Thailand, the world Muay Thai Wai Kru ceremony will be held in the Ayutthaya historical park; and it brings together 1000 boxers from more than 65 countries.

Or you may find a local travel agency in Thailand to make a private Thailand tours.

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