Top 10 Most Beautiful & Dangerous Hill Stations Of The World

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The hills have always been a place, where your heart stops and it feels that you should keep on returning back over and over again. The trees dotted with thatched huts along with the rolling carpet of grass is a scene that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. Misty  air, the dewey flowers coupled with the solitude all blend smoothly. This is in addition to the soothing atmosphere of the hills which have attracted mankind for a considerable amount of time as well. Here you can go on to find the virgin beauty of mother nature, along with the mysterious hill forests which draws each one us towards their beauty. An interesting feature is that a majority of the hill stations are located in India or the Asian region. Incidently these work out to be the most popular ones in the world as well with tourists come in large numbers all-round the year for its pristine beauty. Hereby let us now have an idea about the top 10 hill destinations of the world.

2) Manali

it is also located at a height of 2050 metre above the sea level, which happens to be a hot travel destination for tourists all-round the globe. It is situated in the apple state of India referred to as Himachal Pradesh. This place stands true to its words and does offer extensive beauty from the flower valleys, natural orchards, green pastures to the rolling snow-capped mountains. This place is being dotted with flocks of sheep at the same time

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