Top 10 River Cruise Attractions Of The World

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Travelling has become the modern man’s passion like never before. Round the year people hunt for new and exciting ways to see the world. Exhausting almost all cities and every beach get away, travel enthusiasts have now started sailing on sweet waters. River cruises are a thing of today and countries across the trail of popular rivers are getting active to bring to you the most amazing experiences. We list down the top ten from our bag to make you plan your next trip.

A Disney holiday on Danube

Disney is the recent years have got into the river cruising scene with companies that operate cruise facilities on the waters of the Danube. Taking you through countries like Germany, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia, this is one big fat family treat for both adults and kids.

On a Sacred Route

The Uniworld boutique river cruise collection takes you to the most sacred river in the world, the Ganges in India. Travel to the most popular sites like the Taj Mahal and pink city Jaipur on the golden triangle route and then sail from north to the eastern city of Calcutta as you cross the rich history and culture of the country lined up by the banks.

Sail along historic banks

A cruise that has been started off by a French tour company is bringing Berlin and Prague together to make you travel between them with a touch of history. On your way, witness some of the old charm cities and towns of Germany and Czech Republic too.

The Spanish River wonder awaits you

A trip through one of the most colourful and warm regions of the world, this cruise takes you on a dreamy journey through Spain and Portugal. Starting from Porto and making its journey to Pinhao, it will entertain you in the true Mediterranean spirits. With interesting places to spot on your way and wine tasting sessions, the cruise is a good way to spend your vacation.

Don’t Miss the Mississippi

Sail on the grandest river network in America as you take a journey on the cool blue waters of the Mississsipi. Taking you through a few American states this cruise promises a lot of entertainment and frolic for you.

To your dream destination

If northern Europe fascinates you and you always wanted to be at your favourite hotspot for entertainment and shopping, Amsterdam then this is for you. Setting sail in Belgium this cruise will take you through a beautiful European panorama as you embark on your journey to the fun filled city of your choice.

Experience the wild west waters

We are sure that your budgeted hotel in Las Vegas will arrange a plethora of options for your amazement. Casinos, fine dining, entertainment shows, you name them they have it. But when in Nevada if your heart longs for an experience in the wild west outdoors, then head to the Grand Canyon region and hop on a float boat on the Colorado river. We can assure you this will be a great way to see this natural wonder.

Follow the Anaconda Trail

Plan a trip to the biggest network of fresh water in the world and get intrigued by the surprises river Amazon stores for you. Travelling along the meandering giant you will meet tribes who are living centuries behind and might get lucky to spot some wildlife too. A complete thrilling experience is what it is all about.

Discover the beauty of mangroves

What about spotting a big Royal Bengal tiger catching up with a drink by the river bank? Does it thrill you already? Then travel to the Sunderbans in India to get a flavour of the world’s largest mangrove forest. Enjoy the local cuisine and stay alert to spot animals and reptiles. May be a roar is just around.

Enjoy the glow of Oriental bliss

Head east to Myanmar and find the joys of travelling on the Irrawaddy River. A truly amazing experience, this cruise will take you through the age old heritage sites and the Buddhist landmarks of the country.

The rivers around the wolrd have packed a lot of excitement for you, so make that plan for a week lond mellow cruise in these pristine waters right away.

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