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17th Jul 2019

On the entire stretch of forty kilometres between Kullu and Manali, are many attractive offbeat destinations like Kheerganga, Bijli mahadev, Naggar, Bajaura, Raisan, Patlikuhl which offer traditional charm and much wondrous sight, proving this destination ideal for backpackers and vacationers.

The Himalayan whistling thrush and the Green-winged ouzel make delightful music in the chill climate. The Kullu Manali valley is simply evermore fascinating.

Here are my recommendations on things to do in Manali :)

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1. Walk and Wonder: Walks on the quiet roads with only the sound of the restless rivers hushes away the troubles bringing in bliss and peace, imagine all this in the backdrop of iconic mountains. Our experience is dependent on our discoveries, so take a walk around Manali Town. and Explore.

Van Vihar in Manali is ideal for endless walks!

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2. Looking for respite from the nonsensical crowd? Hike to Jogni falls. It’s a complete silence zone, the powerful and pounding sound of the waterfall casts a spell on the soul that tempts you to stay back and forget the world you came from.

The waterfall is really exciting, it has power to soothe the soul and moreover Jogni falls has it's own ray of rainbows!

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3. Fly like a bird in an open splendid blue sky amidst the fabulous landscape, witness fantastic snow-clad peaks below you and feel the wind in your hair.

Such is the Paragliding experience in Kullu and Manali; dreamlike and liberating!

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4. My recommendations for must visits include the pagoda style Hadimba Devi temple, a wondrous sight to behold along with the Manu temple, to immerse in absolute peace and serenity away from the hustle bustle of the main market.

Get your photos clicked with either rabbits or yaks near the Hadimba Temple. Manali is also known for its shiny gompas or Buddhist monasteries. Manali Gompa is world famous for a large statue of Buddha and for its wall paintings.

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5. Old Manali is a world of its own hidden within Manali. It is one of the best places to hang out in the evening. It has a great collection of restaurants/bars providing live music as well. You are sure to find something delicious in the colorful cafes and something unique in the trippy shops!

You can get authentic bakery and specialised food from countries like Italy, Israel and Germany. Mouthwatering! Colourful Hippie clothes, magnificent dream catchers, leather goods and stone jewellery can also be found in Old Manali.

P.S. Do try getting hair braids while in Old manali.

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6. Visit Solang Valley: One of the most vibrant and enjoyable places in Manali, there is no excuse to miss a visit to this amazing valley, while here. In fact, a walk in the woods in solang is as refreshing as the chill mountain air.

Solang Valley, is a favourite for adventure enthusiasts as it offers parachuting to paragliding, horse riding to driving mini-open jeeps and in winters skiing is a popular sport here.

Another attraction here is Anjani mahadev where a natural Shivling is formed every year in winters.

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7. Go village hopping: Follow the lazy roads through the forests and stroll into tiny hamlets around. Must visit Naggar -a dream destination. It is a picture postcard village with wooded slopes, terraced fields, panoramic views of Himalayan peaks and shaded lofty palms.

The Castle and Roerich Art gallery are the places to see. The art gallery showcases paintings and other works of Nicholas Roerich, a Russian who chose to settle down at Naggar. His works seems to have captured the Himalayas alive in beautiful colours and shades. Art lovers could well make a date out of this place, leaving their sweetheart wonderstruck!

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8. Choose a Homestay: With the scenic vistas of rolling mountains and greasy meadows, each a different shade of green, a homestay in these scenic surroundings is a sure shot way to reboot your soul.

The residents of villages in manali are also famous for wood carvings and bee-keeping. These peaceful villages are the real resting resorts for poets, writers and the lovers of quiet environs.

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9. Trek To Hampta Pass : It is one of the most faithfully spell binding treks in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. The rousing river crossings over river Chandra and Rani add the mix of thrill and adventure making the climb completely sensational.

The Hampta Pass juxtaposes the lush green Kullu valley and the dessert valley of Lahaul, the view resonates deep wisdom about how life is a play of opposites operating intricately and beautifully with one another. It is one of the most miraculous sight to behold in life!

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10. Trek to Bhrigu Lake: Bhrigu lake is another recommended trek to embark on. Peaks of Pir Panjal, Dhauladhar, Chandra, Bhaga Range and distant Spiti mountains can be seen from here.

You can camp near the lake and delight in the celestial views at night besides the beautiful and pristine Bhrigu lake. Walk barefoot on the special meadows that stretch far and wide, almost like an endless carpet!

Visit Kullu and Manali to conquer all fears, enjoy immensely and return a free and unafraid spirit. :)

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Seems so enthralling..surely gonna visit this place soon
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You're most welcome anytime! :)
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