Top 3 hiking spots in Malaysia

Photo of Top 3 hiking spots in Malaysia 1/1 by Dinesh Kumar

There’s nothing better than hiking in undiscovered places. Standing atop the mountain peak, with only the present moment to focus on and breathe in, a good hike not only reinvigorates the body but the mind as well. And these hiking spots in Malaysia can convert a non-trekker too! Best option is to take a bus from redbus to these places well in advance to avoid the last minute arrival scrambles.

Bukit Tabur: A popular weekend trail, watching the sun rise or set over Kuala Lumpur’s skyline is what draws people to hike up and reach the Bukit Tabur summit that is part of the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge.

Monkey Beach: It takes its name from the macaques that have this place their home. The 3.5-kilometre-long hike along the beach takes around two hours to complete. A night camp by the beachside is highly recommended!

Gunung Angsi: It is one of the easier and popular mountain trails to ascend when in Malaysia. Situated in Ulu Bendul Park and around 825 metres high, this trek takes roughly around one hour and a half. The trail is counted among the easier ones due to the absence of a large number of steep sections. This hike is thus perfect for beginners.

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