Must visit Cafes at New Delhi

23rd May 2021

When it comes to mouth smacking, exquisite food, the capital city of India is unbeatable. Eating is a necessity and also bliss indeed. Delhi is known for a lot many things and one of it is the great variety of food and amazing places to eat at every nook and corner. There is food for every mood, for every weather, every situation, and everybody! This article contains the best rated places to eat in each direction of the state.

Known for its ambience and good quality food, this cafe has both a rooftop area as well as a large brick walled indoor place. Best for snacks, it has a variety of continental and Indian dishes ranging from pastas, pizzas, pies, shakes, etc. Both vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes are available. The prices range from 250- 1050 INR. It opens around morning and is open till late evening. It's open for the whole week. The customer reviews are between 4-5 stars. It is a popular hangout place for South Delhi College students.

The Blue Door Cafe
A silent and peaceful place for having some great food in a relaxed environment. From sandwiches to burgers with different fillings, the extra cheese offered with every dish here makes this place more worthy of visiting.Both vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes are available. The prices range from 400-2000 INR and it's open seven days a week between early mornings till evening. Being LGBTQ+ friendly, this place has all kinds of customers and the service of the staff is reviewed to be polite and helpful.

Cafe Delhi Heights
Being in the posh locality of central Delhi, this cafe is extremely popular as a hangout place for different groups of people. This place has a great range of soup, salads, drinks, etc. This place is entirely vegan which makes it special. The prices range from 150- 800 INR. Working seven days a week this place is open from 11 in the morning to 11 at night and is usually mostly visited at night hours.

The Chai Story
As the name suggests this place is popular and famous for its great variety of tea but not just that it’s also well known for some amazing variety of snacks from different kinds of maggie to tacos, wraps, etc. This place serves both non-vegetarian and  vegetarian and the prices here range from 99 to 500 INR. It's open from morning to night on all days of the week. The reviews are great and so is worth the visit. 

Chapter One Cafe
This place is known for its vibes and ambiance, the good food comes secondary. All types of snacks are available here. And what adds cherry to the cake is the frequen live music performances. The prices here range from 50 to 500 INR which makes it quite affordable for everyone and it's open from early in the morning till late at night all days a week except saturdays. This is an entirely vegetarian cafe. The customer reviews are mixed but mostly in praise.

So what are you waiting for? Order in your favourite food to hog on from any of these places or visit the one near you but with precautions.

Mouth watering dishes from cafes of Delhi.

Photo of New Delhi by Ishita Banerjee