Top 5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Travel India

28th Nov 2018
Day 1

Top 5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Travel India. India a country filled with the vibrancy of cultures and colors. The different festivities, languages, food, clothing, and art and much more.

1) The Indian Food:

If you love food and need some secret recipes to be the ‘amazing chef who knows all ‘during those friends and family meetings, India is a place to be and learn from the authentic Biryanis to the Tandoori rotis all these recipes are found only in India. The Gujarati Dhoklas on Ahmedabad ‘s streets, Buttery Pav Bhajis found in Mumbai’s tea stalls and round Amrithasari Parathas. India has every flavor and taste to tickle your taste buds, and if your the person who hasn’t found any chili spicy enough to give you the kick, give a try to Andhra Pradesh’s ‘any food’ to give u that ‘need a gallon of water ‘chilli-kick. Time for Desert: All the cultures of India have the sweetest of sweets. From Gujarati Jalebis to Rash Gullas of Bengal sweet enough to make your sweet tooth get diabetic.

2) The Fabulous Clothing:

If you’re the person who loves different type of attires and need some inspiration for your designing assignment in fashion designing; look upon some traditional dresses of India. The use of vibrant colors, silks, and cotton will blow away your mind. The classical prints, flowy sarees, and Indo-Western Kurthis will make you want to go on a shopping-spree.

3) Celebrating Festivals:

If u love celebrations, India has tons of festivities. These festivals called by different names and celebrated in different ways, in the end, mean the same thing; Spreading Respect, Care, Peace, Understanding, and Unity. Respecting each other’s opinion and caring about animals, plants and for the Earth.

4) Talk Talk Talk:

A country of 3.287 square kilo meters and there are many languages spoken. Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Malayali and many other languages. If u love history and want to do research on ancient linguistics India has tons of languages u can explore and work upon.

5) Gallery entry:

The Indian arts are rather interesting and quite unique. From paintings of Landscapes and Gods, Classical Music’s, and Folk dance. The Bharatanatyam dance, Oyilattum dance, and Bhangra dance. There are many types of dance and music in India. If you want to indulge yourself into some good slow and soulful music or read stories through dance India has tons of them you can choose from.

So here are our Top 5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Explore India.Lastly, as a society with such diversity we should learn to be responsible as citizens and respect each other and each other’s opinion, bring out the meaning to Unity in Diversity to a new and meaning full statement; not only within our nation but through out the world.

Photo of Top 5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Travel India by Ravi Ranjan Ojha