Top 5 Things to Do in Barcelona

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One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Barcelona is a unique blend of old and new. With beautiful architecture, great food, and a rich heritage, Barcelona is one of world's most popular tourist destination. To have a real experience of the city, one or two days aren't enough. There are numerous things that you can see or do here. Here are my favorite top 5 things to do in Barcelona.

Gothic Quarter

Day 1

One of my favorite places in the city is the Gothic Quarter. The medieval buildings with Roman architecture, neo-gothic facades, narrow streets, and old churches will take you back in history. It is a hub for artists and photographers who try to capture its essence in the drawings, paintings, or photographs. The surreal ambiance of the Quarter leaves one with feelings of awe and wonder.

Gothic Quarter, Barcelona

Photo of Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Spain by Namrata Bordoloi


Another hill in the Barcelona, Montjuïc overlooks the harbor and southwest of the city center. You have many options to get to Montjuïc.

Option 1: Take the Port Cable Car located near Barceloneta Beach. The time taken to reach the hill is 10 minutes. The view of the harbor and the beach with the sea behind is priceless.

Option 2: Take the funicular that connects Montjuïc to the metro lines 2 and 3. It is one of the easiest ways to get to Montjuïc if you are travelling by metro.

Option 3: Take the cable car that is located next to the funicular station. This cable car takes you directly to Castell de Montjuïc. You get breathtaking views of the city as you ride up toward the castle.

Option 4: Take bus number 150. The bus comes at regular intervals goes till the top to Castell de Montjuïc. It has multiple stops and you can get down wherever you want and explore that part of the hill.

This quaint hill in the middle of the city has a lot to offer. The Montjuïc Castle offers spectacular views of the sea and the harbor. This castle was a military fortress during the Spanish Civil War. Next, you can visit the Palau Nacional or the National Art Museum of Catalonia. Showcasing one of the world's largest collection of Catlan art, the Palau Nacional is a magnificent building that overlooks the famous Plaça d’Espanya and the Font Mágica of Montjuïc. You can easily spend your day exploring this beautiful part of the city.

View of Plaça d’Espanya from the National Art Museum of Catalonia

Photo of Sants-Montjuïc, Barcelona, Spain by Namrata Bordoloi
Day 2


A hill overlooking the city of Barcelona, Tibidabo is one of the places you shouldn't miss. The best way to reach Tibidabo is to take a funicular. You can take a bus from the funicular station that will take you to the top. Alternatively, you can hike up the hill while enjoying the beautiful views that surround you. At the top of the hill is a beautiful church called the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The best thing about this church is that you can climb to its summit from where you get breathtaking views of the city and the coastline. A visit to Tibidabo is highly recommended.

Photo of Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain by Namrata Bordoloi

Park Güell

Day 3

One of Antonio Gaudi's gems, this hillside park is a popular tourist destination. Covering a vast area, this park contains almost 3 kms of pathways and steps along with a plaza and 2 gatehouses. The most famous building in this park is the 88-columned Doric Temple with a large terrace and long curving benches. One of Gaudi's best creations, this place should definitely be in your "places to visit" list for Barcelona. A short walk opposite to the park's entrance will bring you to a store that has a 7D show which displays all of Gaudi's work. This 7D movie is a fun way of knowing more about the works of Antonio Gaudi.

Photo of Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain by Namrata Bordoloi

Flamenco Performance

Originating around the province of Andalusia in southern Spain, the flamenco is one of the most iconic expressions of Spanish Culture, flamenco is recognised as a Masterpiece of Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. There are numerous flamenco venues in Barcelona where the performers put on amazing shows for tourists. Some of the oldest and most famous flamenco venues can be found in the Gothic Quarter and on La Rambla boulevard.

Photo of Los Tarantos, Plaça Reial, Barcelona, Spain by Namrata Bordoloi
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