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Prague is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. It is known not only to Europeans, but also to people around the world, as it is visited by millions of tourists every year and from other continents. E.g. in 2018 Prague visited more than 11 million tourists.

Our Beauty of Prague blog brings you the list of the seven most luxurious hotels in Prague.

List of TOP 7 hotels in Prague:

Hotel Paris

The hotel, which reminds its interior of the palace, is Hotel Paris. The hotel boasts five stars and is located at the Republic Square in Josefov. The hotel building was built in 1904, but it was confiscated in the early 1940s and the owners returned only in 1991, after the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. Descendants of the original owners, the Brandejs family, the hotel is headed today. The hotel is also interesting for its Tower Suite. This is a unique room located in the Paris tower. This room is connected to the very top of the tower, which allows 360 ° view on all sides, so it is possible to see the entire center of Prague. The metro stop (in particular, the Můstek stop) is about five minutes walk from the hotel.

Absolutum Boutique Hotel

Hotel Absolutum offers modern accommodation located in the district of Holešovice. Hotel Absolutum features luxurious rooms that are quite spacious and the interior walls of the rooms are made up of both ordinary white walls, as well as decorative brick walls that give the rooms an unusual touch of luxury. The hotel was recently renovated and the Holešovice district is close to the center, so this hotel is a good idea for accommodation if your aim is to travel through Prague throughout and not to miss any of the major historical sights that are in the center. It is also worth mentioning that the hotel is close to the railway station and the Holešovice metro station, so the strategic position of the hotel is ideal for tourists - the center of the journey takes only 6 minutes.

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Hotel Art Nouveau Palace Prague

Hotel Palace is located in the very center of Prague and only a few hotels in the Czech Republic, throughout Europe, boasts such an exciting and exciting history as the Art Nouveau Palace Hotel in Prague. The first mention of the area where the hotel is located dates back to the 14th century. Land was hand-handed to members of aristocratic families, and it continued until the nineteenth century, when the publishing house of Prager Tagblatt was acquired by the building and the land. This building was demolished and the early 20th century replaced by a new building that became the seat of the hotel as we know it today, already in 1924.

Hotel Hilton

The renowned Hilton Hotel, whose hotels are located all over the world, was founded in 1919 and is one of the most influential and well-known hotel networks ever. The Prague Hilton Hotel won the Best Hotel of the Czech Republic six times in a row and is one of the most luxurious hotels in our country. Inside there is a restaurant where classic Czech dishes can be ordered in a modern design. Within the hotel, it is also possible to visit a spa facility with a total area of ​​2000 square meters or go swimming in the indoor pool. With regard to other activities that can be carried out here, it is possible to mention that there is a golf course about 6 km from the hotel, which is usually open during the summer.

Parkhotel Praha

Parkhotel Prague, which is just a short drive from the center The Parkhotel Prague was designed by the respected architect Zdeněk Edela in 1967 - the year when the revolutionary Prague Spring culminated in a more recent but not so rich history. Since then PARKHOTEL has witnessed all the dramatic changes that have taken place in the heart of Europe. The hotel has been renovated, the rooms are equipped with quality furniture and the hotel is known for its friendly and helpful staff. The hotel is located on the Veletržní street just off the Vltava River and, for example, Charles Bridge can be reached in less than 15 minutes by foot.

Hotel Imperial

Hotel Imperial has a long tradition in Prague because it has been operating for over a hundred years. Interestingly, the place where the hotel now stands is formerly the U černého orla inn, but it did not work at the beginning of the 20th century. The new owners of the original building had even been demolished and the Imperial Hotel was built in the newly created area. Another interesting thing is that the hotel was a popular place for writers and artists like Franz Kafka or Leos Janacek.

Hotel Black Elephant

The building where the Black Elephant Hotel is located was built in the first half of the 14th century. The hotel is very well preserved, for example the roof truss has been preserved in its original condition until today. In addition, a front wall was also preserved, where the entrance door to the hotel was stopped. Besides its early date, the hotel is also interesting because probably King Charles IV was born in the neighboring house, so it is possible and even likely that the neighboring building became Tychon de Brahe's visit to the invitation of the Czech King. The hotel building is of historical importance to the UNESCO protected list of buildings.

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