Top 9 Jakarta Attractions and What to Do There


Top 9 Jakarta Attractions and What to Do There

Speaking of jakarta attractions, the city seems to never runs out of new things to offer visitors. When you decide go to this city, it is guaranteed that you are going to need more than a week’s worth of office break to fully immerse in its charm. The city is nicknamed the Big Durian. Those who have ever visited the city will understand the moniker; the city is to be loved or not to be loved. You cannot state that you kind of love or hate the city; there is no in between. The stench, the crowdedness, the pollution, the potholes, the snaking sewers, everything in Jakarta is typical of a megapolitan. Yet, it never ceases to put everyone in awe under its elusive enchantment that keeps people under its spells. As a result, speaking of the city’s most recommended tourist attractions is rather futile, not because it does not have anything worth visiting but because they keep on evolving, just like the city itself.

                        If you find it hard to determine where to go during your visit, relying on sources such as jakarta attractions tripadvisor is perhaps the safest bet. Tripadvisor has an extensive collection of reviews presented by its members regarding each and every one of tourist sites in Jakarta. Reading the reviews, you can get insights into which place to give a try and which one should be avoided at all costs. Needless to say, these reviews are reflections of subjective experiences, which mean you cannot fully rely on them. However, for all intents and purposes, these reviews should be enough to give you understanding, at the very least.

So, let’s explore the case of jakarta attractions what to visit.

1. Give a chance to Jakarta Party Bus

The Royale Party Bus can facilitate up to 25 people. This party bus, therefore, is perfect for sightseeing, birthday parties, Hens parties, and exclusive entertainment—in the traffic.

2. Experience art in Ciputra World

Find a world-class stage theater in this area and look forward to artists performances, theater plays, and operas.

3. Spoil your tongue in new restaurants

Keep being on the lookout for newly opened restaurants and catch up with their best dishes.

4. Indulge in new hotels

In Jakarta, new hotels pop up all the time not unlike mushrooms in rainy days. Hospitality industries in Indonesia (generally) are a bustling field. Each new hotel comes up with its own specialties so give any one of them a try.

5. Art exhibitions are always on the hype

Gather information about upcoming art exhibitions from ISA Art Advisory and prep for any one of them

6. Monas is always the recommended spot

Observe how Jakarta looks like from above and rush to the basement where history lessons are on display.

7. Taman Mini makes not-so-mini impacts

It is where all of elements of Indonesian cultural values and heritage come to merge.

8. Ancol is Indonesia’s answer to Disney World

Dunia Fantasi boasts adrenaline-inducing rides and you can take some time off to the beach.

9. Malls, malls, and even more malls

Jakarta is never on the shortage of malls. It is, after all, the city of a million malls.

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