Top Accommodation Options When Travelling Istanbul

3rd Apr 2016


At times when visiting a place, accommodation is usually a worry as people normally get with where they will spend their nights more than anything else. However, this is not the case with Istanbul town as the town has quite a number of accommodation facilities which are not only affordable, but also fascinating and conducive. Here are some of the accommodation facilities in the city.

1. The House Hotel

An extension of House Cafes. It is a 44 roomed hotel with a contemporary design. It is situated in the Nisantasi district of Istanbul. The house hotel offers accommodation at a cost of US$220 per night.

2. Four Seasons Hotel, Istanbul

An ideal hotel as it is situated just few miles from the major tourist sites in the city. It has everything that you would expect from a luxurious hotel such as a spa, outdoor pools, babysitting services among others. The accommodation goes for US$ 478 only.

3. Hotel Ibrahim Pasha

Its most outstanding feature is its location; it is situated at the Sultanahmet historical area that attracts thousands of tourists on daily basis. A four-story hotel has a fantastic rooftop terrace bar where one can have a view of the Blue mosque. It has a number of lobby fireplaces meant for those who are visiting during the winter. The cost goes for about 150 dollars per night.

4. Ciragan Palace Hotel

The Ciragan Palace Hotel was a palace to the to the Ottoman’s Sultan Abdulaziz and ever since, it has never lost its opulence. It is one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world. However, it also has a number of cheap and affordable rooms. It is located at the shores of Bosphorus. You will need to pay 570 Euro per night while spending at Ciragan Palace Hotel.

5. The Istanbul Edition

This is a fifteen story tower in Levent district next to the shopping malls. It has about 80 rooms including a 3-story spa, a gold bar, a night club, a screening room and a full floor suite. The Istanbul Edition is specially designed with a color palette of dark and light woods, gold’s and grays. It is ideal for the visitor who has just come to have a taste of the city’s entertainment, food and to shop. The hotel costs US 250 dollars per night.

6. Pera Palace Hotel

The Pera Palace Hotel is a hotel well known to the Christie Agatha and it houses quite a number of facilities such as the renowned Agatha Restaurant, 16 suite, over 90 rooms, a tea lounge among others. It is a three-minute walk from Istikal Caddesi. The accommodation goes for 160 Euro per night.

7. Georges Hotel Galata

A twenty-room facility with rooms that has balconies which offer a view of Bosphorus view. To add on, the guests have a chance of enjoying in-room massage and yoga sessions. It also offers a serene view of the historical Sultanahmet. Georges Hotel Galata is a few meters from the Galata Tower and the accommodation goes for 175 dollars only.

8. W Istanbul Hotel

It occupies one of the Akarelter Row Houses which were built in Western design back in 1870s. It has a number of feature like free Wi-Fi among others. W Istanbul is a short distance from major tourist attraction sites within the city. For those who love a quiet neighborhood, W Istanbul Hotel is the hotel to think of while visiting Istanbul.

In conclusion, Istanbul is a very nice to visit full of tourists sites as well as hotels to offer a conducive rest away from home. Some of these hotels are just too unique to ignore. Therefore all you need is just a valid and up-to-date turkey travel visa and the visit to Istanbul and its luxurious hotels will be quite easy.

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