Top Décor Tips for a Trendy Campervan


Throughout your travels, your campervan is your home, which means it’s just as important to put time and energy into making it a warm and welcoming space as it would be were you decorating your actual home. There are lots of different directions when it comes to camper décor, with many people opting to design a space that feels just like home, and others who want to be a little more out there and go for a unique, bold design that bursts with character. There are a few key design tips that will ensure your camper is trendy and welcoming no matter what décor style you go for, and we’ve gathered them below to give you some décor inspo!

Bold and Bright

One of the most important things to remember when decorating your camper is to keep the décor bold and bright. The last thing you want is to enter a camper that is dull and dark, as this will instantly make the space feel colder and potentially un-welcoming. The main aim with camper décor is to create a space that reflects your personal style and interests, so focus on incorporating that into the décor and you’ll instantly feel at home. It’s really easy to make your décor stand out, and even for those wanting a laid back, relaxing style, by simply altering one feature to add a little colour to the camper, you’ll instantly achieve the kind of atmosphere you’re looking for. It is, however, important to remember that when decorating a smaller space, you need to keep the bright colours and bold features to a reasonable level without going overboard and making the whole area feel cluttered and over the top.

Comfort and Practicality

When you set out on long road trips and exciting adventures, you want to ensure that you’re going to be comfortable and most importantly, surrounded by practical features that will help make your travelling run smoothly and positively. Introducing comfort to your camper will ensure you’re getting the right amount of sleep, as well as making sure your time spent in there is enjoyable and relaxing. Focus on making areas such as the flooring and seating as comfy as possible. You can do this by introducing soft materials such as vinyl or carpet to your camper floor, as this will make it softer under foot and in turn will make the whole area feel warmer and welcoming. Similarly, you can look at adding some cosy cushions, a soft throw and even some high-quality upholstery to your seats to really give them that extra comfort and cosy feel. You then need to think practically, as it can be easy to get carried away and forget about this when designing your own camper. When investing in certain features such as your seating, look for a practical option that will help you whilst travelling. For example, there are seats available that can swivel and twist to face different areas of the cabin, ideal for when you’re socialising and want to be facing the back of the camper. This kind of practical feature will really help to enhance your camper’s usability as well as making the whole experience a positive one!

Personal Features

With so many different VW T5 accessories on the market, you can really get your camper kitted out in the very best products for some really good prices. Aside from branded items and features that will make your camper look good, you want to introduce personal touches that will make your camper feel good. The open road can sometimes feel a little lonely when travelling away from home for a long period of time, so adding personal touches can really help make the camper feel a little more like home. Whether it’s a display of family photographs, some cute life quotes that will help boost your mood every now and then or simply some personal items that have a comforting meaning to you, it will really help to make your camper feel more like home and enable you to relax and rewind better.

Travelling Touches

Throughout your travels, you’re going to pick up sentimental items that remind you of your trips and adventures. Adding these memories to your campervan is an amazing way of keeping that travel spirit alive and remembering your wonderful adventures, whilst you’re still making new ones. You can really make your camper feel full of character with fun items such as a scratch map (showing exactly where in the world you’ve travelled in your trusty camper), different photographs of your adventures and even some artwork that has been picked up along the way.

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