Top Destinations for digital nomads in 2018


Top Destinations for digital nomads in 2018

Photo of Top Destinations for digital nomads in 2018 by Sudeepta Sanyal

All those images of people working on their laptops while sitting on white sands, sipping colourful beverages sure gets my mind wandering. And am sure it gets you wondering too if this too good to be true? Are these people rich? Are these the workings of a trust fund? But have you thought that perhaps this kind of life is totally do-able, for you and for me? Say hello to the life of digital nomads.

I come from the belief that you make your life to be exactly what you want it to be. If you want to live a life on the road, then its totally possible, with a whole lot of planning, a consistent drive and authentic goal setting. Of course, it’s not easy in the least but anything worth having never is, and that’s another story, for another day.

So if your job doesn’t need you to be in an office and you want to explore different corners of the world, beyond the usual sightseeing, then digital nomadism just maybe the thing for you! Read more...

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