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The Costa Azul is a 64-foot Mikelson luxury sport motor boat charters Ideal for cruising in Puerta Vallarta's Beautiful Banderas bay.

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If you love boat cruises and you have had to book for cruises in the past, chances are that you might have enjoyed it, even though there might be some things that you wish will have been better. With Puerto Vallarta boat charters, you get the opportunity to enjoy a lot of benefits that you will not be afforded in other types of boat cruises. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider a boat charter when next you visit Puerto Vallarta.


Of course one of the reasons why you go on tourism and visit other locations is because you are hoping to have a taste of available delicacies. For most large cruise ship or other general small boat cruises, you might be limited to the menu that they have prepared, since they might not have the time and capability to cater for individual orders of people separately. A full Puerto Vallarta boat rental will come with options of having a chef on board, who could help you make any mean you specifically order. If you are lucky to have caught some fresh fish before embarking on the boat cruise, you could even have the chef help you prepare the fish in the exact way that you want it. For most boat cruises, you are able to enjoy only fresh meals. You will also get some very excellent list of wine.


As opposed to general boat cruises and large ship cruises, you get more privacy and less noise. This is considering the fact that it is probably only you, your partner if you had come with one and then the boating crew that will be on the boat. Furthermore, once all the formalities have been sorted out and every agreement made, they know better not to disturb or bother you once there is no emergency. Of course, you will have a means of communicating, probably an intercom, in the event that you need anything. You can therefore have a very quiet and exciting cruise all by yourself, without some drunk fellow tourist knocking on your door or bumping into your space.

Open Schedule

When you want to go on a boat cruise with others, there is usually a schedule. The time the boat is going to move, the places it is going to visit and the time it is expected back on land. The schedule is expected to be strictly adhered to, except in cases where there are delays. Delays in boat schedule could easily distort your other plans if you are on a tight schedule. With a personal boat charter in Puerto Vallarta, you get the opportunity to make your own schedule. You do not have to wait for a long time at the port once you are ready. You could also dictate when to be on port as well as all of the places you want to visit on the boat tour. The fact you are on a boat gives you the opportunity to visit small rivers that large ships will not be able to navigate on.

Costa Azul would be a luxury sport Boat Charter Puerto Vallarta Ideal for cruising in Puerta Vallarta's beautiful Banderas bay. Please visit our information processing system for additional details

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