Top teachers training yoga destinations in India


As said by sage Patanjali, "A mind free from all disturbances is yoga". We begin on this path to try to discover our true self and to be able go deep within. To accept who we are and tolerate the consequences, is one of the main purpose of yoga. Some believe in meditation in movement, some staying still while meditating, some in both. Whatever your preference is, the goal of practicing yoga remains same.

Once you decide you want to follow the path of yoga and before joining any yoga teachers training course, you first need to ask yourself:

What kind of Yoga I am into?

Am I interested in taking my practice any further or I am content with daily/weekly morning classes? If answer to this question is No, then continue reading.

Once you decide joining any RYT 200 or RYT 300 hour yoga course, you now need to research a lot because there's a lot of money, time and your future at stake. I did my 200 hour TTL last June and I was fortunate enough to land at the right place, which doesn't seem to happen to most and they end up regretting after spending lot of money and time.

Points to be considered before joining any yoga course:

1- What kind of yoga are you into:

Are you a person who like doing Hatha or Ashtanga or Tantra or Vinyasa? Are you more into meditation and inward journey or physical (getting into shape, working on strength)

2- Which place to choose:

While choosing a place, always keep in mind the weather and the style of yoga you prefer. Different yoga schools have different style of teaching and they can be pretty strict about their style.

3- Budget:

Most yoga schools provide a place to stay, but in case it doesn't you might need to consider a cost of living too there.

Below are my five picks.


Rishikesh is considered as one of the top most yoga destinations in India, primarily because it's the city closest to the mighty Himalayas and also a place of holy Ganges. Yoga ashrams here are considered to be the oldest in India and most of them strictly teach Hatha yoga. Try not to enroll for a course from April to September since it gets really hot during summers.


Per me, Dharamkot is a heaven for yoga practitioners (sorry a little biased). Located at a distance of just 2-3 kms from Mcleodganj, Dharmkot is serene and with so great cafes around, a great place for foodies too. Due to a favorable whether for yoga, lot of yoga schools conduct TTL. Yoga courses here start around in April and runs until September. There are multiple courses offered here, so do proper research before joining any yoga school. On weekend or on free days, hike to Triund or even beyond and get your lungs pumped-up. Dharamkot also has some well know meditation centers like Vipasna and Tushita.


Mysore is considered as the Ashtanga capital of India. This is the place where K. Pattabhi Jois learnt yoga and enlightened the world with asanas that can help take your fitness to another level. Ashtanga yoga is more like Kung-Fu, meditation in movement. Weather remains pleasant throughout year, in Mysore. Though courses offered are costly but if Ashtanga is your cup of tea, this place is your muse.


Yes, you read it right. Goa, generally considered as a place to get drunk, pop LSD or snot cocaine and pass-out, is also a favorable place to practice yoga. In winters, the weather is perfect, you have serene environment. If you go little off-grid and there are some good yoga schools too that offers various courses. As mentioned before, research before you enroll as multiple kind of courses are offered here.

When everyone around is smoking or drinking alcohol, doing a course in Goa can be a good test for your will power.


Kerela, the only place left in India which is keeping Ayurveda alive. Ayurveda (Knowledge of life) and Yoga (to unite your mind, body and spirit) has always stayed in tandem, throughout Indian history. With lush green forests, transient rivers and clean beaches, Kerela provides a perfect gateway towards practicing yoga. There are some famous ashrams that teaches yoga in Kerela.

The way I begin, I'll also end this with one of my favorite quotes from Yoga Sutras:

Yat Pinde, Tat Brahmande (Body, the Universe; Universe, the Body)

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