Top things to Eat in Goa

3rd Nov 2019

By Sagnick

Fresh fish, tiger prawns, spices and coconuts and the influence of the Portuguese...

Goan Fish Curry

The dish that Goa is most famous for is the Goan Fish Curry. It's a coconut based dish flavoured with red chillies and fresh fish or prawns usually served with fluffy rice. Delicious!


Grilled chicken served Portuguese style with spicy green chillies, peppercorns, garlic and ginger.


A popular dish that is commonly made with chicken, prawns or vegetables, cooked with coconut, red chillies, poppy seeds and spices.

Prawns Orly

Battered Prawns with coriander.

Vada Fritters

These traditional South Indian breakfast fritters make a delicious start to the day.


A mild yellow Goan fish or vegetable curry.

Goan Sausages

A chorizo pork sausage with Goan spices. So good!


Traditionally Goan Pork Vindaloo was a mild, sweet and sour curry, commonly served in the Goan home at Christmas, New Year and Easter. Now it is more often than not a very hot and spicy curry with red chillies, ginger, garlic and other spices ground in vinegar.

Fish Thali

A popular lunch time dish of fish or baby prawn curry with fried fish, rice, vegetables and baby clams.


A traditional rich, layered cake made from coconut milk, sugar and egg yolks.

Photo of Top things to Eat in Goa by Sagnick Banik
Photo of Top things to Eat in Goa by Sagnick Banik