TOSH - Pink Floyd Cafe (Heaven)

1st Jun 2018

TOSH - Why do mountains call us? Let's find out in the summer.

Photo of TOSH - Pink Floyd Cafe (Heaven) by Neil Ghosh - The Lost Bong

On the 2nd day of Kasol, we started our journey to the Pink Flyod Cafe in Tosh.

It was a drive of about 1.5 hours from Kasol, when we reached the point beyond which our car couldn't go. Then we made our journey through the narrow and winding lanes of the village. It was a beautiful experience getting to know such a neighborhood. It was getting colder, as we ascended.

The view and the landscape was something that drew us all to the very top of the village. We spent our entire evening in the Pink Flyod Cafe catching the mountains in their full glory. We took long glances at the moon rising behind the trees in the mountain top. IMAGINE a howling wolf. ah ha!

Hotel Pink Flyod: -

Show some L-O-V-E.


PEACE, fellow travelers.

P.S. I like when it spells out "Pink Floyd".

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