Touch and Go.. Abu Road

2nd Sep 2015
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Day 1

This was a very weird but a very quick journey I planned early morning at 05:00 AM. I got up to drop my dad at the Bus Stand as he was supposed to go to Nanded with mom. Being a lone child and a travel freak, it urges me from within to just move around somewhere. So I went on the Railways site and wanted to book the tickets somewhere. As usual my selections went for Goa, but I felt no, something else. So, I randomly selected to get to Abu Road. I had no options and then I had a break journey planned. I am a train journey lover too. So I booked the tickets to Abu Road via Ahmedabad. I boarded the Mumbai Ahmedabad Duronto. I had a connecting train in 10 Minutes from Ahmedabad to Abu Road. If Duronto gets late, I am on a toss for probably say next 16 to 17 Hours. But, I was positive and I boarded the Duronto. Overnight I just slept sharing a light gag with a few co-passengers and was off to sleep.

Day 2

Yawwwwwwwwwwwnnnnn !! OMG ! Its Ahmedabad, rush.. I got another train connecting towards Abu Road. I ran like a horse to the train. I kept my handbag there on the berth and as I said in my Kerala Itinerary, I am a Coffee Lover, so I rushed back to get a coffee to sip. The train starts and I am yet collecting, there I see the boggie rolling its wheels and I managed to run after it and got into my coach. Phew ! I now started sipping up coffee. I reached Abu Road at 11:00 AM. I quickly got a local bus from Abu Road and went to the Ambaji Temple at Abu Road. But before that, I had clothes to change and get fresh to which I paid Rs. 300 for an hour which was quite sufficient and enough for me to get fresh and back. I again had my train in 4 hours to home. I prayed to the Goddess Ambe Mata. I even said her sorry for being onto a rush and if I have committed any sin, please do forgive me for it been caused unintentionally. I went to the nearby restaurant and guess what ? Its already 02:00 PM. Rush !! I got my train by 4. I quickly finished up with my dinner and anyhow rushed back to the bus stand. I reached Abu Road station by 03:30 PM and the train was at 03: 45 PM that was Aravali Express. I got the rabdi with me from there, I also took a two bottles of water. While Travelling, I usually do not hog much which I used to as it tends to cause me vomits. I got my berth there and I quickly arranged my things, movie was on.. We reached Ahmedabad by around 09:00 PM. I sipped a bottle of Flavored Milk, a Cornetto and I took sandwich from Ahmedabad. This was like tummy filling for me.. Overnight I just slept like a baby in shaky train it gives me a high and sigh !

Day 3

Damn Early morning !! The Linkin Park's, Numb wakes alot of co-passengers up and its 05:00 Hours in the morning. I quickly snoozed it and I forgot I was in the train and not at home.. So I quickly got down and I was still easy as I was yet 10 kms away from my destination. I packed my things. I reached home. Again, the same day my parents were supposed to reach home in the evening. So, I cleaned up some stuff and got fresh and slept well. I was looking quite good and parents didn't have an idea of this trip... LOL. In the evening, I picked them up from the Bus Point and they were happy, everything was neat and tidy at home. My mom got the iota of doubt on me indulging into some travel. But I kept it hidden.. :P  

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haha short and sweet journey with lots of time limit!
Sat 05 27 17, 09:23 · Reply (1) · Report
Actually.. but it was too good and went on very smoothly. I am actually planning many such short ones. Don't know about others much in general but I love train travelling so I was good with the mood to travel
Sun 05 28 17, 08:59 · Report