Trails 2 Passion: A Fun Web Series That Will Change How You Think About Singapore


Two friends as different as chalk and cheese. One country to unite them. An unforgettable trip that will change their life. Listen up travellers, these are major travel goals. Tripoto and the Singapore Tourism Board are coming out with a very special venture, Trails 2 Passion – a seven-episode web series featuring famed actors Naveen Kasturia and Veer Rajwant Singh. The show will follow Veer and Naveen’s journey through Singapore. Become a part of these adventures as two completely different individuals find themselves against the picture-perfect Singapore skies.

What is Trails 2 Passion all about?

Trails 2 Passion is a seven-part series that will focus on Veer and Naveen's exploration of the glitzy metropolis based on their passion and interests. Discover a different and deeper side to the destination, and get inspired to fulfil your passion in Singapore, whether you are a Foodie, Explorer, Collector, Culture Shaper, Action Seeker or Socialiser. So no matter which Passion Tribe you belong to, you can always look forward to creating new possibilities and experiences in Singapore.

What can I expect from Trails 2 Passion?

For starters, expect Veer and Naveen exploring the best of Singapore from within, one passion tribe at a time. Imagine two friends living the dream – trying different cuisines, pushing their limits with adrenaline-pumping adventures and immersing themselves in moments set against stunning landscapes. With all these in store, there are bound to be sparks and comedic encounters aplenty. Expect Veer and Naveen at their goofy best, as they rediscover their friendship on the streets of Singapore. While we promise Trails 2 Passion will have you hooked, expect it to be informative and useful as well. Nightlife, parties, shopping and some completely unexpected experiences – the show will put the city in a completely new light. You’ll want to book a trip right away!

Where can I see this?

Stay tuned to Tripoto and Visit Singapore's Facebook page for more updates.

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