Travel Chronicles, Matheran, August 2017

13th Aug 2017

All girl trips are a mix of ‘everything more’ like more fun, much more drama and many many pictures. Just the thought of Matheran brings in a fresh breeze of excitement. One day it was decided we were going to Matheran. I’m always on pins for my next adventure so I packed my bags and yelled a wohooooo.

We set sail to embark on an unknown journey without prior planning or research. Why invest precious time in planning and executing when nature can lead us to the best course?

Here’s the agenda, Hyderabad to Mumbai to Karjat to Matheran to Mumbai back to Hyderabad.

Day 1: We didn’t spend any time in Mumbai, we took a train directly to Karjat to pick up another friend studying in UBS before we headed to the hill station. I wonder how do people study there, the location is serene, calm, dreamy and movie like. But, how is it helpful? For me it is; quote, unquote a natural distraction. If I would have signed up to study there, I would end up writing more books than reading or studying. But I’m not there, so back to the story.

We had lunch, roamed around the campus, explored in, out and around that beautiful property and finally posed in multiple different poses in multiple different locations.

We started post noon and reached Matheran by half past six. Traveling is awesome, wonderful, great and all that lovely words but monsoon travel is something else. I love the rains, so traveling on rainy days somehow glue on to my memory forever. Getting drenched makes me feel like the ether is reaching out to bless us, to contact us by touching the tip of our skin and to splash in some excitement as it refreshes our tired bodies. Do you feel so too?

We arrived at Neral with question marks wondering what next. From that point on there was no buses, no trains, no other means of modern day transportation. We either had to walk or board the horses. The idea of sitting on the horse lightened our moods, there was a slight tint of fear as well because it was dark and none of us ever sat on a horse. I prefer to walk over any other mode of transportation but we were tired and in no mood for a little adventure. So, we buckled up and graced the horses. I was the last one to sit on the horse, so each time I turned, I saw the pitch-black forest smiling at me, there were no street light and no source of light anywhere around. The horsemen used their dim phone torches to lead the path.

All horses are male. No female horses are allowed. Just thought I’ll mention.

It took us thirty mins to reach the market, we stood for another fifteen posing with the horses like war women after winning a battle. We weren’t happy with our room because the pictures online were deceiving. We also realized it is better to reach and then book your hotel because it falls much cheaper. It is the other way around, online bookings for Matheran are a huge rip off. We didn’t want this to affect our trip so we made peace with the place and waited eagerly for the next day.

Day 2 & 3: We explored every niche, every corner and every street around Matheran. It was such a relief to escape from our monotonous buzzing world. Not having any vehicles around, not hearing any cranky horns, not feeling the weight of the worldly noise. This is what I call, halting life.

There has to be at least one funnily memorable instance when I travel, I believe it adds a touch of madness to any travel. So, every time I travel, I call upon the God of madness and ask her to plant some fun along the way. Now, I don’t know what’s better, being chased by monkeys or being stranded in a deserted part of the forest for over an hour. I remember we stopped at a beautiful tree, it looked so inviting that we jumped towards it and began climbing. I was lucky enough to get a picture. When my friends decided to get in the same position, our animal friends gathered and watched us for a bit. We didn’t seem alarmed at all, but as they started their climb these possessive creatures ran after us as though we robbed their shrine. They chased us until their pretty tree was nowhere in sight. Sigh!

The other funny incident was our trek, we followed the trail for a long time, one straight road and hardly few people around as we sprinted our way towards the waterfall. We hit a roadblock when we saw our trail divide. It was too far to return and neither we didn’t find anyone around so we had to decide left or right. It didn’t make any difference for me because I am ever ready for some adventure. We took the longer route, it felt like we walked forever to reach the waterfall.

A two-day trip is sufficient, it is a small cozy place with never ending greenery, luring mountains and refreshing waterfalls. It was a rejuvenating experience, a perfect getaway and a much-needed break. This place is safe so thumps up for a solo trip. Karjat too is a beautiful place, you will find many trekkers there, it is worth stopping. The food is praise worthy, the service is good on an average. Visiting Matheran in the rainy season was the icing on the cake.

I wish you a life filled with travels.



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