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You may say to your self that it is untrue, but you can traverse the world for little to nothing if you are willing to do something during your travel.

There are many ways to travel the world for nothing or super close to nothing!.

First thing first you need to be ready for an adventure where some of the times you may not have somewhere to stay the night! Which means you need to have a sense of well being within yourself if you are going to take this journey!

I personally have been all over the world and I have never paid my way You can do the same.

First you are going to need a passport so that you an travel around the world. The next step is to find a passage to somewhere in the world. This is most likely where you stopped thinking it was to expensive to travel.

You can become an air courier for a business, you can also travel super cheaply on stand by, but better is through someones unused air fair miles, there are places on the internet where you can buy a ticket of 1,500 for 200 bucks now that's cheap!

There is always a deal, but don't turn away. If your looking for a place to stay and some work. you can also get travel paid for. You can work in lodges, hostels, farms, work communes, and temples all over the world.

I have traveled and lived and was schooled for free in Israel, for 6 months! I loved it! I was free to travel and visit the entire country and or world from that spot!

I play guitar and also perform magic. This gives me the ability to make money day and night when I am traveling. I also meet interesting people and have enjoyed many beautiful memories. You can do the same thing. Find something you can do, that is intrinsically you so that you can find a sponsor and you can get them to pay for your travel.

This is obviously more about a way of thought. It is not that you are taking from anyone you are in someway doing to receive!

If you want to live on a an organic farm you are able to ask greyhound to pay for your fare and they will! If the people in the receiving end answer the phone and you say you are broke and they will take you in Greyhound pays for your ticket. the most it would cost from one side to another is somewhere close to 250-500 depending on time schedule. You can always pay it forward in the long run. and in most cases when working on a farm they will pay you something which you can work out prior to leaving.

You can also work for a ranch, ski resorts, Indian reservations, all of these places and so many more would gladly pay for your airfare if you are willing to work it off and vice versa many places will reimburse you when you arrive or a couple of weeks in.

Day 1

If you are traveling around the world there are online forums of people who are willing to give you a ride. In my experience it is nice to meet prior to leaving. one should never feel rusher or hurried into any situation This means you and the person you are involved with. They should never rush you and you should never rush them. This becomes more rules of the road as a traveler, which I may write at another time!

I hope this opens your eyes to the many different real options to leaving where you are and traveling anywhere you want!

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