Travel guide to Kashmir: Heaven on earth

Photo of Travel guide to Kashmir: Heaven on earth by Ankit Singh
Day 1

When we think of kashmir many things come in our mind. Safety is the first priority. But belive me you won't find people like kashmiri.i asked about saftey from our driver he told me not to worry about anything nobody will even touch us.
Kashmir is really a heaven on earth. When we started our trip many things came in our mind like people and culture there.
On the morning my friend confirmed that he was in ,and we planed to travel in the night. I looked for train but no seat were vacant so opted for road travel.we reached isbt kashmiri gate and looked for a bus upto jammu.
We found and it was the last bus so we made reservation without second thought. The bus ticket cost us around 800 rs for both. The  bus was a crap,any how we got no choice but to sit on metalled seat. we started our journey from kashmiri gate to kashmir.

Day 2

On the next morning we reached jammu . Bus was  going to katra so we had to change our bus for srinagar. Since were on budget trip so decide to continue our journey by bus only .there were many taxi who were going to srinagar on sharing basis . A taxi driver approached us . Continuing our journey from bus would have made us more tired .We haven't slept well last night so we needed a sleep also . We bargained to taxi driver and agreed for 600 rs each upto srinagar. All others were paying 800 rs. It was an inova and we sat on the back seat . From there we again started our long journey of 8 hours.
Our driver was quite an old and silent man. He played his songs in kashmiri language,and by the end of the day I started liking the language though I don't get any of what they sing.
After half an hour ride mountain begain to grow we all were shooting them with whatever we had. We defiantly don't what awaits us. We were traveling in NH-3 . Road to our destination was fabulous,excluding some part were construction work was in progress.
After some time we faced our first trouble, A long jam.
Car and trucks were in que as long as you can see.
Hilly region are generally 2 lane. We waited in our car smoked. We all started talking to each other. There was a group of 3 person from hariyana. They were good in nature,and one of them had been to kashmir earlier.I thought he could guide us about cost of traveling there and lately we decided to stay in one hotel for convenience.
On one side of the roads were high mountains and the other side had river.

Photo of Jammu by Ankit Singh
Photo of Jammu by Ankit Singh

I already felt in love the weather, it was turning blue.
We were about to enter into chenani nashiri tunnel. this is indias largest tunel,it was 9 km long made between the hills. It was decorated with lights it likes connects jammu to kashmir. Then another tunnel( jawahar tunnel )came .It was in Banihal pass.

Any how after a ride of 8-10hours we reached capital of kashmir, srinagar . There were many hotel walas were waiting for us (idont know why). We bargained and locked deal with one for 600 rs for a room and other had to pay 800rs for room with 3 bed. Our hotel was located near chief minister house and it was just 200 mtr away from best restorent of sringar. There were series of restorent there who serve only veg food. And they are realy crowded with the tourist from all over india. I was amazed because I haven't expected so much of crowd.
We ate our dinner romed around dal lake,and then came back to our hotel. We were tired of that hectic journey .

Day 3

In the morning we decided to go to doodh pathri. I haven't heard of this place earlier, taxi was arranged by hotel staff. Taxi arrived at our hotel and then we all departed for our destination. Razi movie was shoot here. After 1:30 hour we reached there there were long coniferous trees. There were maney horse to take you to the top and they claimed that there were maney spot to visit(i found none). I would suggest you not to hire any horse . Walk till up hill .It was like a small traiking. Overall it was a nice experience being there.
In the evening we decided to back to srinagar.after we reached srinagar we had lot of time to explore the city of srinagar. we walked on the streats of srinagar till lal chouk. There I saw "indians go back' written on the shutters of shops. Soldiers with guns  on every square was common. people of valley are used to this thing now.
There were maney good restorent and cafe near the lal chouk. We were tired of the trek so decided to go in and have tea. We went to cafe de polo a famous cafe there. They served us well. It was night so we came back walking to our hotel and finished our day .

Horses are available bat doodh pathari to take you to top.

Photo of Doodhpathri, Forest Block by Ankit Singh

Lal chouk

Photo of Doodhpathri, Forest Block by Ankit Singh

The scenic beauty of valley.

Photo of Doodhpathri, Forest Block by Ankit Singh

Cafe de polo one of the best restorent in Srinagar

Photo of Doodhpathri, Forest Block by Ankit Singh
Day 4

I was waiting for this day since we decided to visit kashmeer . Today we were going to sonmarg. Actually its a villege 50km away from srinagar. Hotel staff had arrenged us a taxi for 2500 rs to take us there and take us back srinagar . We reached sonmarg and I was expecting ice there but there was nothing. Now we discovered that we had to hire another taxi from sonmarg upto zero point. Taxi union does not allow any other vehicles to pass from was 35km up from sonmarg and the taxi driver were asking 8000 rs for this trip. We bargained a lot and fixed deal for 5000 rs, up and down.i don't know why we were paying so high but we did. Driver asked us to hurry because after some time a army convey has to pass . This road link srinagar to kargil. When convey passes, other vehicles are not allowed.
The real thrills begins here,road were deadly.

We were passing through zojila pass. This road is one of the deadliest roads on india. Traveling in this road was breathtaking. There was a point name india gate (actually a rock) on that road.

Deadly road of zojila pass.

Photo of Zojila Pass, Forest Block by Ankit Singh

Awaits end here, you see nothing but ice every where . Many adventure activities were the main attraction . But they were costly. After some time it starts raining , we had already rented winter wears that saves us that day. There were maney shops also, proving you tea Maggy and corn. Now that we had enjoyed we rode back to sonmarg . If you had time I would suggest you to stay there for night. Maney good hotels will make your stay cozy.
We had to come back.
We finished our day in srinagar.

Zero point

Photo of Zero Point, Lal Chowk, Srinagar by Ankit Singh
Day 5

Gulmarg is yet another beautiful destination of valley.
Book a taxi from srinagar for 2000 rs for round trip.there you see maney horses to take you up to rope way which is about 2km . We hired a horse for 1000rs(you have to bargain a lot). You can also choose the moter ride , but walking be the best . The rope way again charge us 1000rs each to the top of he mountain. Now we were riding in the world highest rope way. It was also amazing experience,climbing the skyies with no efforts . On the top there was a glacier kind ice. it was like snow has covered the peak. We went on the other side where you see a army camp. Loc was not so far from here. You can also see army vehicle moving.
Here I skied for the first time in my life.
Imagine the feeling of siting on the highest peak around. I just don't want to go back from this place, this place is real heaven. But you can't do any thing we came back to srinagar by evening.


Photo of Gulmarg by Ankit Singh

Now we decide to take ride on the shikara. We went near dal lake where there were many shikaras. But we were late they did not allow us enter.they end there ride after 5 pm. Now we got nothing but to wonder in the streats. We looked every shop for 2km walking. ate dinner in some local restorent in the market. We decided to leave  next day. Nothing good was left to see. Pahalgam was same like sanmarg and gulmarg.
We informed the hotel staff about our departure and asked them to arrange a taxi for us upto jammu.

On the next day taxi was out of our hotel. We reached jammu about 4 pm. Our friends from haryana decided to take bus and we took train from jammu station.we found a train directly to delhi.talked to tt and he gave us 2 seats after charging us.

Next day we woke up in delhi ending of the most memorable tour of my life.

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