Travel Hormones !

17th Jan 2019
Photo of Travel Hormones ! by Ankur Chugh
Day 1

Travel Hormones !

Everyone goes through hormonal changes and for guys that's pretty visible when you get to have that shabby moustache and untidy beard . Back then it was tough to understand whether to keep it like this or trim or clean shave .

Probably at that time that was the most important decision for many . But along with facial hair it was more of voice that makes a lot of impact for person in front .

So I was near to late 8th standard or early 9th standard when from a soft voice turned into a heavy voice . Probably before this I used to take advantage of my voice by fooling near ones that it is their crush on the other side . Special thanks to Telecom boom that landlines without caller IDs was source of a major income for many STD booth . If you are from late 80's and Bollywood fan you would connect for sure .

So this hormonal change in voice made my mother uncomfortable . Probably they couldn't digest this sudden shift from North Pole to South Pole and like an average middle class family , they had their own Ghar ke Nuskee instead of visiting and consulting doctor . This syndrome was visible but today what I have is different it is not even visible but it has far more impact not on face or voice but whole personality .

Hello to Travel Hormones !

Well this is a new syndrome that I started experienced from couple of years back .

It's not that everyone feels the same but this syndrome has one quality and that is , it takes away all that stress in your mind , all that extra things which are not required and all that societal expectations you don't really need to deliver .

I am in early 30's and a Solo Traveller . I am in that stage of life wherein whenever I checkin room the person at reception is expecting some 2 naughty kids along with their mom .

I am in that part of life wherein society has interrogated me from left to right and top to bottom about Why , When , Whom and Where I would marry .. Society has asked me the toughest questions what even universe can't not answer . Society has piereced into my life inching and pinching to the tune to whether you are straight or not .. Society encroached the freedom of liberty by checking about my drives which you normally call it desperate at this age . Among all things I am sure society can no longer ask me questions which I cannot answer and probably I have reached to that level of self conscious that now it doesn't bother me . While the whole world is against the ones who carve out niche for self but then I feel sad if society does this to malehood then what they do with female fraternity is beyond imagination . ( Specially when I know it would take a lot of time of society to consider gender equality ) .

So how I did I able to cope up till now -

And the Answer to the universe is Travel !

Travel made me have all answers to the questions I had , Travel made me more open when people exercise their freedom of words , thoughts and choices . Travel made me understand that there is a life beyond 4*4 office room . Travel made me understand that people opinion doesn't always matters infact society opinions doesn't always matters. Travel made me understand that Conditions makes interests , interests builds into habits , habits build into belief and beliefs tuned into culture , so if probably you are not aware about reasons and conditions then you should not question anyone . Travel made me understand that it's ok to be stupid , it's ok to get ditched , it's ok to get duped , it's ok to get hurt and then travel tells you that Get Up and Run . Run for your life and Run for yourself .

In this Rat Race of who gets good marks , who gets good college , Who gets good girl , Who gets good job , Who gets good wife , who produce good babies and who gets good school for kids and whose kids gets marks and whose kids gets IIT , IIM & AIIMS . Following the vicious circle is not that simple , your whole life gets to the trap of trying to be at number 1 position .

Then Again travel comes to my rescue .

It's ok to get fail .

It's ok to skip one step of this vicious circle .

It's ok to come at second .

It's ok to come at last .

Above all , It's most important to be Happy .

When you travel you will find , not all people have all the things they need , not all have all the things
they want , not all the people even deprived feels sad , not all have all the luxuries of life but then that's how life goes on ...

Live your life ...

It's ok to be selfish ...

It's ok to live some days for yourself ...

It's ok to love yourself ...

It's ok to live the life the way you want ..

It's ok to have small house but no EMI ..

It's ok to get fat ...

It's ok to have safe landing ...

While writting this post I am traveling to United kingdom of Patna and I am damn afraid of this abnoxious flight landing at Airport .

For God Sake , Behave Pilot ...

Ok Ok , Travel then tells me to behave .. Travel tells  me to accept , Travel tells me to forgive ..

Because travel is life :)

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