Travel Wander and Travel Again

Photo of Travel Wander and Travel Again by Akshay Sravan
Photo of Travel Wander and Travel Again 1/1 by Akshay Sravan

After watching a malayalam movie named 'Anandam' i have been tempting to visit Hampi at the earliest. The call was as such that it seemed as if i had some personal link with Hampi (Might have had during my previous birth!).

I have been doing some plans for Hampi roping in my friends and brother. Fortunately (Yes! Its deliberately used ????), as with most of the planning this time as well because of one or the others discomfort it didnt work out. One fine Friday evening when i was staring at my laptop busy with some urgent work assigned by my manager i just got a flash in my mind - "Why not today - Hampi?!????". Apart from the 5 letters to spell Hampi, i must admit , literally i didnt have any idea about the place! As always i just did a small googling about the place and was quicker enough to identify various modes of transport to reach Hampi from Bangalore. Train was defenitely my preference but unfortunately as tickets were unavailable at the moment i was forced to ...

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