Traveling as Therapy in Recovery


Traveling as an addict might seem like more of a potential disaster than an asset, but it actually has many positive effects. Among the many advantages of traveling when dealing with addiction is finding a fresh outlook on what’s around you and what’s over the next horizon. It will provide you with a fresh understanding of the individual that you are, whether you are considering treatment or fresh out of rehab. Think about taking a trip and getting a fresh perspective on life.

Discover Something New

As an addict, your life can seem small, self-centered and devoid of opportunities to open up to new encounters. External cues can be very powerful in triggering a relapse, so getting away from it all can be beneficial. And a great thing about traveling is the innumerable discoveries you'll make. You'll learn about how other folks live, as well as the way in which they find happiness, even people who have it much worse off than you do. You’ll learn lessons about how exactly others survive from day to day, which will serve you well as you make your path down the long road to healing. Wherever your journey takes you, you'll see that traveling is guaranteed to transform your view. Allow new landscapes, surroundings, sights and sounds to heal and inspire your soul.

Find Direction

A passport will fill with stamps from the many places you visit, but it won’t have a stamp for the hellish places you been in as an addict. You can find a new direction in life by experimenting with new directions on a map. Avoiding high-risk situations is essential to a recovery program, so find a direction that takes you away from those situations. Your direction was uncertain amid addiction, and there are just no signposts to show you which way to go on that road. But travel itself could become your brand-new road to recovery. Occasionally the road is difficult, even dangerous. But it can be your road, and you should never regret that. In time, it will take where you really want to go.

Get Inspiration

When you are going through addiction recovery, it can hard to figure out what’s next in life. You may have burned bridges at work or with friends, and not really have a lot of options. Traveling can inspire you by showing you news places to live, or new job opportunities. Find a support group somewhere new and listen to other people's inspirational stories. Compassion and understanding of a support group can help you stay sober. Maybe you never thought you could follow your dreams and move to a new place like Hawaii, but on your trip, you make friends with a waitress who moved there from Ohio. You could do the same thing! You don’t have anything stopping you from living a fulfilling life. Take a trip and get some inspiration on what life has to offer. Inspiration will help you be motivated and goal focused, which will help you stay sober.

Whichever way you decide to use travel as a means of coping with addiction, remember that it's your life, and you are worth the effort. Treat yourself well and allow yourself to experience life to the fullest. When you're living well, you'll find you really don't need substances to feel great. Take a chance on something new, if it's not for you try something else. You'll eventually find your path. It's waiting for you.

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