21st Jul 2016

In Cinemas (Bollywood and Hollywood both) we will often see a doctor suggest taking the patient out for a vacation as a therapy. Well, this trick is true to life on and off the screen. While we boast about our work life and our share our success stories in every party or gathering, there comes a point in life where we feel frustrated and exasperated from the monotonies of work life. A small getaway or a vacation comes in handy at these situations. I realized the importance and therapeutic impact of travelling when I recently met a friend who otherwise a charismatic character, ran out of pixie dust in this long run of corporate life. I took my friend to Grahan Village, a quiet, serene beautiful place. The place is yet to be torn down by the hum-drum of capitalist life, which is what transformed it into an enchanted place for me. While I and others were engrossed in nature, experiencing each and every bit of it, my friend literally exfoliated his soul. We trekked, we cooked meal, and we stopped at places and pitched our tents. The cloud was just outside our tent and we could touch it. I saw how my friend who suffered from serious depression and was stuffed by it, started opening up. It was nature at its best. Nature understood, nature guided and purified his soul by giving him the energy to go back to his city life and pursue his dreams. A writer by profession, my friend wrote poems, while we sang and danced our way. Each step we took towards Grahan, filled us with a new perspective about the world; about nature. The place where we stayed was secluded but served palatable food. It was not very glamorous, but somehow it gave us a sense of feeling which was a mixture of belonging and comfort. My friend on returning back to Delhi transformed into a new person. He learnt to let go, just like the mountains let go of the clouds. He tried to be positive and more soothing, just like nature. Now we travel more than before; we trek and take off and travel to places just to have an experience, meet new people and view the world from different perspectives.

Day 1

GRAHAN: We trekked to Grahan from Kasol. We trekked during rainy season (July) and hence, the path was slippery and muddy. But the adventure was absolutely breathtaking. The trek is of 11 km from kasol. We stayed at Nattai guest house where we were charged Rs.200 per room. We stayed in Grahan for three days and then went to Malana.


1. Indigenous cuisine: Someone who is addicted to food like me and likes to try different cuisines, should opt for places where they can try new food. As we all know Food=happiness, new, authentic cuisines can actually become relaxing and exciting.

2. Adventure sports: Tick that name of the bucket list and actually, go and do it. Travel to places where you can get hold of adventure sports if you want to venture into new things in your life.

3. Token Collections: You can actually develop a hobby by coolecting tokens like artifacts, shawls, sarees, jewellery, coins etc.

4. Shopping: For those who would still be interested in Shopping while they are depressed should actually give into their desires and buy something for themselves and not worry about it (please move with this suggestion cautiously).

5. Learn new languages, History and Culture: One of the most important things that makes us evolve is our constant touch and mélange with other cultures. We adopt, adapt and shed some traits in us and we become better.

When we travel around the world, wherever we go, we want to feel that belongingness that lingers in our heart: the belongingness of indentifying with something or someone. In a big city, it often becomes very tough for us to identify, but with nature we become one. Travelling, not only cured many patients of serious illness, but was a common ailment suggested by doctors everywhere. One has to understand the importance of travelling and respect it. It is only then we as a community can let it affect us to become better humans, when we come in contact with nature, animals or people from other cultures.

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