Travelling Solo to Mount Abu

11th Apr 2017

Lost midway in the city life, I almost forgot how it feels to live a life on your own terms, away from the chaos. So, to get away from the job stress and honking vehicles, I decided to head some place quiet and cold (coz summers ain't my thing). Last month, I grabbed the opportunity on long weekend and booked my tickets for Mount Abu (no particular reason for choosing this destination). I haven't travelled alone, so I was a bit skeptic about the entire arrangement but then I had to do it once and I did it this time.

Photo of Travelling Solo to Mount Abu 1/4 by Sristi Sikka

So I arrived at Mount Abu via rail and headed straight to the hotel to freshen up. Talking about the hotel, I did a good amount of research before finalizing my accommodation. I browsed online for the hotels in Mount Abu and finally booked my stay with Travelguru. So after I checked in the hotel, I rested for sometime and later in the day head out to explore this beautiful hill station. Being the only hill station in Rajasthan and the day being that of the long weekend, Mount Abu had a throng of tourists. Since I had my itinerary ready, I first went to the Dilwara Jain Temple. The brilliance of marble architecture and ornamental carvings were a sight to behold. And the calm surroundings made me stay there a bit longer than I had planned.

Photo of Travelling Solo to Mount Abu 2/4 by Sristi Sikka

After that I had my lunch at a local eatery, but the food was exquisite. Next I head to the Nakki Lake, which is considered as a holy lake by some. There were trekking trips also available near the lake, but I opted for the boat ride instead. The weather was amazing and the boat ride seemed like a bliss. By the time the ride came to an end, it was almost evening and I wanted to watch the sunset from the Sunset Point. And to my surprise, there were a number of people who had come here to witness the sunset. I had a great time on the first day of my trip, and I was glad for I covered three places.

Photo of Travelling Solo to Mount Abu 3/4 by Sristi Sikka

The next morning began with having breakfast in the hotel. After which, I went to the Guru Shikar – the highest point in the Aravalli mountain range. There's not much to this place, but the scenic view and the Guru Dattatreya temple will make you want to come here. After I came back from the Guru Shikar, I was famished so I went to Shere-e-Punjab to have a delectable non-veg meal. In the evening, I just explored the market near my hotel and grabbed some beautiful handicrafts to take back home.

Photo of Travelling Solo to Mount Abu 4/4 by Sristi Sikka

On the third day of my trip, I spent most of the time lazying around in the hotel as I had an afternoon train back home, and this is how my three days trip came to an end. Nonetheless, an amazing trip it was, being my first solo trip.

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