Travelling Through the Ancient Country, Uzbekistan

15th Dec 2014
Photo of by Stella Holmes
Photo of by Stella Holmes
Photo of by Stella Holmes
Photo of by Stella Holmes
Photo of by Stella Holmes
Photo of by Stella Holmes

Though not the usual or popular travel destination, Uzbekistan is still considered as one of the gem in Central Asia. The country has unique attractions that remained untouched for ages. This can be one of your budget friendly travel plan that offers you ancient cities, spellbinding architecture and myriad of wonders that are still untouched. All the stories connected to Silk Route are deeply infused with this location. It is however a fact that the current political condition of Uzbekistan is very disruptive, but travellers are always welcome to the country. People are extremely friendly and their hospitality will give you another story of Uzbekistan, which is hidden behind the harsh governance.  

Here are the major attractions of Uzbekistan that you just cannot miss.


It is the capital of Uzbekistan and has been considered as the most beautiful place in the country. Tashkent lies at the heart of Asia and is the home to excellent museums, operas and fine dining. There are a number of tourist attractions like the historical monuments- Architectural Complex Zengi-Ata, Ensemble Khazret Imam. Alayski Bazaar gives you an opportunity to experience art and craft shops or you can enjoy drama at the local theatres - Theater Ilkhom, Ballet Theater and Alisher Navoi Opera. Tashkent is planned and decorated city; it is even the main hub for air transport that connects Uzbekistan with rest of the world.


Lying in the valley of the river Zarafshan is the historic city of Samarkand. The collection of antique monuments will surprise you. Being a very significant historical location, every monument has a story. Registan Square is one of the prime monuments located at the centre of the region. There is a majestic structure known as Bibi-Khanum Mosque, which belongs to Amir Temur's era. Even if the city is populated by Muslims, there is a place in Samarkand known as Relic of Three Religions. Here, Muslims, Jews and Christians pay tribute and homage to a deity. This city has always been popular among the travellers, scholars, tyrants and poets. Samarkand is also known as Marakanda, which still have remains of the old Greek city, from the era of Alexander the Great.


This used to be one of the key stops along the Silk Route. Bukhara is a very captivating city with impressive monuments and also one of the holiest Islamic landmarks. Most of the architectural monuments in here dated back to medieval period. Fortress Ark is one of the oldest monuments and used to be resided by rulers and their servants. The Kalon Minaret is another astonishing site that was once bombed by the Red Army. At the Ismail Samani Mausoleum, you will admire the Zoroastrian motifs and intricate brick artworks.


If you want to experience the desert of Central Asia, then you have to visit Khiva. It is located 500 miles across the desert from Tashkent. The enchanting city is very well preserved and travellers can enjoy beautiful historical monuments, mosques, madrassas of ancient times. Onto the north western path of Khiva lie the tragic remnants of the Aral Sea.

If you want to encounter overland tours that are intriguing as well as challenging, then Uzbekistan can be your choice. The flat desert and mountain ranges make this landlocked country gorgeous for with its ancient charm.