Travelling with minimal expenses.

20th Feb 2017
Photo of Travelling with minimal expenses. by Krishna Sinha


This is the question, I'm being asked by people around, in a while. So firstly I would like to disclose that my trip didn't go pennyless I spent few Hundred bucks but yes that was on the "fro" part which also I could have saved.

When i started travelling I had no idea for the destination to go,but yeah i knew how to manage things while you are on the road, Pennyless . So I started from Chennai & luckily got to ECR highway lane with people picking me up & dropping me to some point ahead.

So yes this is true that people do help you on the road even if you don't have money. Two of them even offered me food they were supposed to have for lunch. This trip gave me so much to remember. Then somehow I managed to get to Pondicherry.

Woah!! What a place to go & experience. I can't explain things properly as I'm not a writer or something but few things are there that I would definitely share.

So at first part for stay I used the app called "Couchsurfing" that I would love everyone to have it on their phone if they regularly travel for leisure or as passion but are broke low budgeters like me. So this app let's you stay at any random place available,with a host for free. But yeah if you can't pay them back you should respect them keep their place clean & be nice to them.

Once you have a stay you need food! Food never obstacles you because you can get it from anywhere. All you have to do is to "ASK!". Yeah even if you don't have money you can still ask for food to any of the Restaurants or cafes but in return you should be willing to work for them & easily you can food. We ( me & my couchsurfer mate Mr. Aniket ) went to this fine dine named Dilli-wala 6 & asked for food & yeah we also offered to do dishes for them. The waiter (His name was Mani) he offered us free food for the sake of humanity. So this proves that yeah even if there is no option left there are ways open to you all you gotta do is "" Ask "".

& the world is yours.

Thank you everyone for your feedback you gave earlier & thank you for reading this. If you also want to travel in low budget or don't have money to travel don't worry ,just dare to move out.

Keep track on my instagram page for pictures.And shower me with queries regarding any help you need while travelling.


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