Traversing through the verdant lanes of Lansdowne

Photo of Traversing through the verdant lanes of Lansdowne by Yukti Malik

Earlier called as 'Kaludanda' (Black Hill), this place later got its name after the Viceroy of India then in mid 1800's, Lord Lansdowne.

As time leaped from a pleasant dawn to a sunny noon with a hint of chill, we reached this silent and quaint town of Uttrakhand. The milieu was pristine. It was a cold evening in October in quiet Lansdowne.

I have this thing for the hills. Days here are slow, real, reverberate raw energy and natural melody, unlike the bustling city chaos. There is plenty of time to breathe, to observe and to live. You see the scenes around you changing dramatically.

The dense foliage fringing the winding roads

Photo of Tip-in-Top Lansdowne, GMVN, Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, India by Yukti Malik

The beautiful side view of St. Mary’s Church

Photo of St Mary's Church, Lansdowne Road, London, United Kingdom by Yukti Malik

Tip and Top Point

Photo of Tip-in-Top Lansdowne, GMVN, Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, India by Yukti Malik

A glimpse of sunshine

Photo of Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, India by Yukti Malik

The lane to our resort was narrow and bumpy. We were heading back to our cottage, tucked between healthy foliage. After rambling from a long stretch of exploring the stark, colonial corners of the town on foot straight for four hours, we were audience to natures’ most therapeutic paintings.

The place opened doors to vast and rich sunset from a school playground, the cuddling clouds, the branches of pines bathing in wisps of dew, the blushing sun hiding behind the hills- the town soulfully fed us with its magical spell.

When you plan to do nothing and rejoice amidst the nature - that’s when you need to head to this Garhwali cantonment, Lansdowne. You can head out for a stroll in the noon and progress towards Tip and Top Point. Here you will find nature’s perfect setting intertwining the most enigmatic bond. You can very well spot the lush green packed mountains from this place. On the way you can grace the presence of St. Mary’s Church. Another place you will come across is Bhulla Lake, a nice picnic spot maintained by Indian Army. If you are in a group and its not dark yet, you can take a little detour leading to a vast school ground from where you can experience the orange ball of fire motioning and dying behind the rusty azure sky, forming an arresting silhouette sight.

Photo of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, India by Yukti Malik

One thing you cannot help but notice around the town is that there are steep summits on one side of the lanes giving a daunting pale red view. These peaks are thickly covered in reclining oak and pine trees. The shackled huts, colored doors, artistry corners of hidden talents, friendly strangers, boisterous landscapes and hushed streets aptly define Lansdowne town.

While we meandered through the narrow lanes and made our way back from the long leisure walk, the evening sky turned gorgeous for the photographers to capture and spread its splendor. The scattered warmth of dying Sun danced to the tunes of cold breeze which couldn't help but softly play along with our hair and pat our cheeks.

The artistry corners

Photo of Traversing through the verdant lanes of Lansdowne by Yukti Malik

Shooting trees

Photo of Traversing through the verdant lanes of Lansdowne by Yukti Malik

Pristine twilight

Photo of Traversing through the verdant lanes of Lansdowne by Yukti Malik

The ridge formed a stark silhouette against the sky, the lights started to fade, evening companions rose into the darkening sky and nature continued to trick us. It was an ideal soothing setting. While in one part of the sky the Sun bade a goodbye for the day, in the other part, the moon unveiled itself. The birds were ready to flight to their nests and feed their babies. The sound of rambling leaves being crushed under our feet became clearer. I could hear the distant tweaking and humming of creatures unable to assign them to a particular one. The towering trees canopying the trails, shared the hues of blue green sky in the background. The mountains cloaked in emerald green bushes sung their melancholy of another night to pass in awe of bright sunshine next morning.

Photo of Junglee Resort, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India by Yukti Malik

Once again the stars took over the sky. The trees stood tall on the periphery of the cottages, spreading their arms for their inhabitants. I perched outside the with my friends, managing to warm up while the chilly breeze pierced through our wool's under the moonlit sky. There were friends and it was our first getaway together. Hearts spoke out, bonds grew deeper. It was time before the dawn would break out, that we all shut our eyes and fell into a deep slumber. :)

Pic Credits: Friends who traveled along :)

Peeps, Lansdowne is an ideal weekend getaway spot. There is not much to explore or do here. Pack your essentials, relax amidst verdant scapes and rejuvenate yourselves. :)

With some editing this was originally published on Nomads of India website!

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