Treat Yourself & Your Taste Buds With Unique Street Food Of Kolkata!


Kolkata is called the ‘City with a Soul’ and one cannot help but agree. But what people fail to realise is that the city is much more than just that. Alongside the soul, the life and the vibrant atmosphere, Kolkata is also the ‘City with a Taste bud’ or ‘City with an Appetite’ because the street food found here in Kolkata, can never be found in any other part of the world.

Lip-smacking is the word that is generally associated with the food found here. People who love to eat and can tell the good from the bad, need to come to Kolkata at least once to taste the food life we have here.

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The restaurants and eateries here do serve some great dishes if you are looking for dishes garnished with a sprig of herbs, tomato roses and edible flowers. In other words, fancy dishes are definitely well made. However, if you are looking to taste the soul of the city, served to you on a small katori or a steel plate, then you have some places to visit and some stalls and shops to try that are not on the big-scale-restaurant radar. These hidden gems make Kolkata the absolute best place to go to for treating your taste buds. The street food of Kolkata is to die for and everyone knows that.

Enticing, scrumptious and mouth-watering street food

The food and the places that serve the best street food are concealed and do not have a lot of spotlight. However, once you have tasted them, you will never want to go elsewhere ever again. Some of the more popular food are as follows:

1. The Phuchkas– Coming to Kolkata and not tasting Phuchkas is a sin that can never be washed away. The soul of the city rests within the phuchka that enters your mouth. It is the must-have dish of Kolkata and is recommended by one and all. The phuchka is a round, hollow purithat contains a mixture of broken papris, mashed potatoes, tangy and spicy masalas and tamarind pulp. The taste will never leave your mouth and you will never stop wanting more. Vivekananda Park is the place to visit for some of the best phuchkas in town.

2. Kaathi Roll – The accredited kaathi rolls were first made in the city of joy. With delicious stuffing and chopped up salad, wrapped in soft roti, you cannot help but savour every bite. Shops like Zaika, Nizam’s and Kusum’s are the ones to hit up for some amazing kaathi rolls.

3. Luchi - Alu Dum – The staple Sunday diet of every Bengali, the famous luchi-aludum is now a favourite of every resident of Kolkata. The Kachori is another tasty substitute of the Luchi and tastes equally good. To try some of the best luchi – aludum, you have to head to Fairlie Place.

4. Momos – The most famous and sought-after Tibetian dish has a huge fan base all over the world. The dumplings are served with a sauce of choice and a bowl of hot soup. Nothing beats the feeling of enjoying a plate of momos at the RabindraSadan Metro Station exit gate.

5. Tea – It is impossible to imagine a day without a cup of tea and Kolkata believes that very strongly. The earthen cups or the ‘bhaanrs’ are an emotion that cannot be compromised with. For a great cup of tea, visit the Balwant Singh Eating House.

There are many other kinds of street food like the paprichaat, jhaalmuri and ghugni that you cannot miss.

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Surround yourself with exquisite and savoury street food in Kolkata

If you appreciate good food and are looking forward to tasting some, then you should absolutely not waste any time in visiting the joy city Kolkata! Tourists who wish to visit the beautiful city of Kolkata from Mumbai can book one of the low cost flights from Mumbai to Kolkata and visit the city right away. The City of Joy and the food it has to offer will leave you craving more, every time!

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