Trek to Deoriatal lake, Uttarakhand on 25th December. Christmas couldn't get merrier!!!


Do you believe in the law of attraction?

I certainly did not until this day. It was Christmas and I made a visit to my hometown, Uttarakhand. Before reaching home , there were a couple of places which I shortlisted to visit and Deorital was one of them.

It’s a trek to reach the beautiful lake and I have heard plenty of mysterious stories about this lake from my granny. She did not join us for the trek but made sure she engraved her instructions in our heads - Stay calm and not be too noisy as it’s believed the forest Goddesses exist in this part of India and too much sound is not much appreciated by them. Do not pluck any flowers during the trek and ensure you don’t wear too bright clothes to respect the forest Goddesses. We all followed her instructions throughout the trek.

As much as I wanted to visit the lake, I really wanted to see the snow fall as I’d never experienced it in 25 years. I yearned for it and the feeling was very different that day. My uncle contacted everyone he knew to check if it was snowing anywhere and they was no sign of snowfall from any of the top places where snowfall is welcomed first and foremost. The path was beautiful and weather was pleasant as we began the trek. We were halfway there and suddenly there was a drastic change in the climate. The clouds became dramatically intense and heavy winds started to blow taking away the withered leaves with them. I knew it was different.

I loved the entire trek and we finally reached the lake. The lake which is surrounded by majestic mountains is so huge, it took us a very long time to reach to the other end of it.

There is a history behind this lake- It was believed that in ancient times, upon praying for the Snake God whole heartedly, He would bless people with his appearance from the center of the lake. One fine day, a lady prayed to the God to bless her with His appearance and He did. But she got a bit too greedy and kept requesting for him to come out of the water a little bit more each time He did. When she could not be satisfied by what He offered her, the Snake God got offended and took her along with Him into the water and never returned back.

We listened to this story whilst taking a stroll around the lake and then suddenly I felt something. Soft snowflakes falling from the sky right on my cheeks!! It was the moment I had never experienced in my whole life, that one moment I was desperately waiting for the entire time I was in my hometown. The transition from an adult to a little child happened within seconds. Slowly gradually, the whole place converted from just a land to snow wonderland!

The magic of nature will always be unexplainable to human. It was the best Christmas ever and I literally and figuratively couldn’t have asked for anything better than that day!

Do you believe in the Law of attraction now?

December 25th, 2016. Completed the trek to Deoriatal lake, Uttarakhand. Merry Christmas to me!!

Photo of Deoria Tal, Rudraprayag by Sapna Singh

I saw snowfall for the first time in 25yrs The whole place turned into a snow wonderland in no time!

Photo of Deoria Tal, Rudraprayag by Sapna Singh

This is not the path to Narnia. This is my hometown, Uttarakhand!

Photo of Deoria Tal, Rudraprayag by Sapna Singh
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