Trek to Elephanta Beach,Havelock

11th Jul 2018
Photo of Trek to Elephanta Beach,Havelock by Neha Kumari

Our last floor in Havelock was the Elephanta Beach, which was located at a very remote place. There were two ways to reach here by the first speed boat, which took about ten minutes and the other way was to track the forest in the forest for half an hour. By now we had done a lot of water speed boat all the time and the time was too big for us. Because, according to the plan, we only had to see this day, although Kayaking had the mind but due to the lack of contact with Tanaz Ji, this plan is good manure. Done. Today begins with the parasols of the potato found in the hotel's breakfast, leaving the food to eat such paratha and also increase the bill with it. Today, we had to say goodbye to Havelock also, Earlier, the formalization of check-out had to be completed as it was time for the check-out time to come back till it came back. By quickly gathering the luggage, both the rooms were vacated and along with the keys caught the baggage of the hotel owner by saying that they would be taken while coming back. Now we were waiting outside the quiet mind waiting for Niranjan ji who were going to leave us to the place from where the track of Elephanta Beach starts. There is a hut on this place which has been written on track Two Elephanta Beach and one gate It is also made up of words that are written in blurred manner, Welcome to Elephanta Beach-

Main way to go to Elephanta Beach

                     Here people of many types of people are sitting who speak, we will work as guide to walk on the road and snorkeling of going to the beach. We did not have to do it in three hundred or four hundred rupees, Even though we were forbidden to do so, we took a boy with the people, saying that we do not leave it in the snorkeling, if we reach there, then we will get it done. Even after refusing lakhs, he got along with us. Now he was ahead of us backwards, although we were not talking to him, even then he would have benefited from going on a two-place basis. All this was seen in the half-hour track. In addition to that, the greenery empire was found everywhere. If someone is the first then it is difficult to guess where the path is about to leave. Some photos of the road-

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