Trek to Maangad & Panhaldurg


It was some 6 30 pm Friday evening when I got a call from my friend regarding our Sunday plan.After a tired week which was marked by some rigorous football practice,a cracked toe nail and a quiet Birthday celebration it was time for me to take a call.I had already committed.I went forward with it and gave my confirmation for the trek we wer gonna go to.Yes we wer gonna go trekking to Maangad in Konkan.I was very unsure how I would do it as I had a swollen toe which was paining a lot.It was going to be a good Saturday nite for me.I had also received a heavy shouting from my mother cause I had canceled a family get-together and was injured too.

My friend arrived at my place at bout 7 pm on Sat.We watched the match,had dinner and set out for the pickup destination which was Dombivali,as always.I was in a different avatar deviating from my general cargos and Woodys,I had put on a trak-pant and safety shoes(to protect my toe).Luckily my toe was not hurting that much.On reaching the destination we got acquainted with the group.We knew most of them as many of them wer ther with me for the previous trek.I had already become famous or infamous u can say,for my antics in the last trek.

We started at around midnite and reached there at around 4 in the morning.We haltd near a typica village schoolWe tried to sleep in the bus,although there were 2 many mosquitoes for our liking.By 6 30 every1 was awake and started having breakfast.The patent idlis were out again.We soon had our group intro.It was a small group with a varied background.It was hard to find a target this time as thr wer few options available.But somehow we mnaged to.I was not in form like the last trek as my toe was bothering me a bit.We started the trek.The way for not that familiar.Although it was more of a hillock than a mountain.We climbed in hardly a few minutes.The amateur photographer in me had come alive.I managed to take some 300 odd pics in the whole trek(although the pics taken by others wer rated better thn critics).In the process I ended agitating a sweet gal who was fond of fotos.This was another feather in my cap continuing from whr I had left in the previous trek.Coming back,there was hardly any fuss as the trek was relatively very easy.We moved on to Maangad,where we were up for some adventure.Our bus ran up a small road and ended at a place whr it couldnt turn.All of us then started planning and guiding the driver how to remove it.We almost made a makeshift road by putting in boulders literally.To our misery it dint work.So we had to remove them back.We were helped by gals whom I would like to appreciate for doing it.I had a distinctive task of holding an overhead wire above the bus with the help of a bamboo to let the bus pass.Finally the bus got out in reverse and we had a sigh of relief.We had lunch in the front-yard of a house and set out for the next hike.It was as easy as the previous one.This time no one was required to give a hand to neither was ny1 tired.We reached back to our at some 5 30 and set back for our homes.Although not that tired most of us dozed off in the bus.

It was a good trek.........and my hunt still continues.

Photo of Trek to Maangad & Panhaldurg 1/2 by Swapnil Kshirsagar
Photo of Trek to Maangad & Panhaldurg 2/2 by Swapnil Kshirsagar