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Trek to Mount Pinatubo, Philippines
Duration: 2 Days
Expenditure $ 135

Over the years, since it's eruption in 1991, Mount Pinatubo has gradually changed its features and turned into a beautiful tourist attraction. It never fails to amaze tourists from different corners of the world  with its majestic beauty. The 1991 eruption led to the formation of the Crow Valley as it exists today, full of ash, dust, rocks and rivers, making it feel like a place not of this planet. The eruption also led to the formation of the Crater Lake, a clear blue, crystalline lake that is truly stunning to behold. 

Apart from the unique landscape that the trek takes you through, it also introduces you to one of the oldest indigenous tribes of the Philippines - the Aeta, who you will meet on your way to Mount Pinatubo. We encourage our clients to take some items of aid along with them to give to the Aeta in their villages. 

We facilitate day treks for tourists to this spectacular place daily, and we have packages that can accommodate the preferences of any sort of traveler. We have different packages to cater to pick-ups and drops from many points in the Philippines, be it Capas, Angeles or Manila. The rates given above are for single people Based on the number of people who approach us for a day trek together, the larger the number in the group, the cheaper the per head cost of the trek.

The above cost includes - 

-4WD Jeep Ride (inclusive of rental, driver, gas and trip dues)
-Local Trail Guide from Local Tourism (not english speaking)
-Entrance Fee
-All applicable fees (environmental fees, conservation fees, maintenance & IP share)
-Processing of clearance and climbing permit

And the basic itinerary for all packages is the same, i.e.

5:30 - Meet up @ KKK Gasoline Station or Mc Donalds Capas Junction
5:35 - Pinaykeypoint office/ Settle your Payment/briefing
6:00 - Take off to Final Dispatching area 20 mins. travel time
6:20 - ETA Dispatching Area/ Transfer to 4wd jeeps/Final restroom
6:45 - Military checkpoint/Inspection of climbing permit
6:55 - Final Take off to Pinatubo/ off road driving
8:45 - ETA Lipit Station - 7km Trek starts here
10:30 - Rest station/restroom/Spring water refill station (1km to crater)
11:00 - ETA Pinatubo crater (Lunch/ Tour guide will discuss Pinatubo Facts)
1:00 or earlier - Pack up time
3:00 - ETD Lipit Station
5:00 - Dispatching Area - END OF THE TRIP
The gate of Capas Municipal Hall, Mc Donalds Capas Junction or depending upon the final decision, is the meet up point from where our day's journey will begin. From here after an initial briefing and check, we will head to the dispatching point, where our permits will be checked and final clearances taken. From the dispatching point we will board 4x4 jeeps to go through the Crow Valley, to arrive at the Lipit Station, from where our actual trek will start. This drive through the ash filled, rocky terrain full of rivers is very scenic. This volcanic valley is unlike any other scenery, devoid of much greenery, but it is truly a different kind of beautiful.
Photos of Capas, Central Luzon, Philippines 1/1 by Juliet Corpuz
From the Lipit station in the Crow Valley based on your choice of the hiking trail earlier, the hike can take 30 mins, 1 hour or 2 hours. Either way the trek will take you through some very rocky albeit flat terrain. The volcanic eruption has resulted in some truly spectacular rock formations in the landscape. With the numerous rivers and streams flowing through the area, coupled with rocks, the hike is tough but all the more enjoyable for it, as it finally ends in one very picturesque and breathtaking spot!
Photos of Crow Valley, Capas, Central Luzon, Philippines 1/1 by Juliet Corpuz
Pinatubo's main attraction there is the Crater Lake, a very young waterbody formed only after the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo. This ultramarine lake, with its clear, cool water is the perfect stop where, you can have lunch and relax. There are also options to go boating in the lake, though you can no longer swim in it. You have a few hours, depending on what time you take to reach, to take pictures of the amazing vistas of the lake and get refreshed before heading back to Capas and concluding the day long excursion.
Photos of Mount Pinatubo, Botolan, Central Luzon, Philippines 1/1 by Juliet Corpuz

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