Trekking in Sahyadris

Photo of Kalsubai Peak, Indore, Maharashtra, India by Shreya

If you are a first time trekker & if you are not sure about where to start, then I hope this blog will be helpful. I have already mentioned a few tips in my blog “Monsoon Love” but then I thought I should dedicate a blog to it for convenience of all.

Trek with an experienced group: Always trek with a group which have expertise in trekking. These groups know what they do and would help you find the safest route. The trek routes are usually tried and tested over time. Here are few groups that I have trekked with and was happy with and prefer trekking with- Trek mates India, Mumbai Travellers and Mumbai ranger. You can also find trek schedule for many group at Mumbai Hikers website.

Opt for good trekking shoes: Opt for shoes with good sole & grip. Too heavy shoes are a strict ‘no-no’. Most of the trek leaders I have met suggest action campus & Quechua. I personally used to trek in reebok (walking shoes with absolutely no grip) for a year & have recently bought Quechua & trust me I can feel the difference while trekking.

Carry 2 litres of water: You do not want to be dehydarated during trek. Carry good amount of water, glucon-d & energy bars so that you complete your trek with ease

Maintain a good exercise regime: I am not saying hit the gym. But atleast start with a 30 min brisk walk atleast 2-3 weeks before you start your first trek. It would help you build your stamina & the trek would not seem that difficult.

Reaching first is not important: Take your own time to reach the peak. Completing the trek is important, reaching first is not. Store your energy & go slow

Do not shy away from asking for help: Make sure that you ask for help when needed. That is the first reason you have opted to travel in a group, isn’t it? Team work is important

Be careful while clicking pictures: It is important that you enjoy the moment & nature. Do not get lost in clicking photos for your FB, insta update. Also be careful while clicking pics. Do not get so involved in clicking selfies that you forget about your safety. Yes, reaching the peak is the ultimate experience but enjoy your journey.

Besides always look for the level of trek & endurance level before you go for a trek. In case of any doubt, it is always wise to speak to the trek leader.