Trekking Lovers : Here Is a YouTube Channel You DON'T Want To Miss

Photo of by Trablogger

If you are doing something with so much passion, it shows up.

Here is one guy who is passionate about mountains and climbing, creating classy, entertaining videos on trekking at various places in India.

Here is one of the recent from Kuari Pass

Manav, the guy behind Creedaz YouTube channel is a qualified, certified Mountaineer. So he knows what he is doing. For example, have a look at their tree climbing session!

And Creedaz doesn't just do only climbing and trekking. Anything related to adventure can be found on Creedaz's channel.

This guy travel all around doing adventurous things and captures them on his goPro and makes these amazing videos.

I was lucky enough to do a mountaineering course along with him. I am pretty sure, he will go places. If you want to witness how a great YouTube channel is shaping up from its beginning, go check out Creedaz.