Trekking Routes in Andaman Islands


The islands of Andaman and nicobar are blessed with the magnanimous presence of many stupendous knolls that are utilised for trekking in Andaman and nicobar islands. As a count of reality, trekking is one of the significant sought-after adventure sports activities in the islands of Andaman and nicobar. On some occasions, it is also referred as ‘tramping’ or ‘backpacking’. The prominent area which serves as the hub of a trekker in Andaman and nicobar islands are rocky stretch of terrain that extends from the magniloquent hammock known as Mount Harriet to Madhuban and saddle peak in Diglipur including thick tropical rainforest , teeming with flora and fauna and endemic plant life, with approximately 2200 plant and 270 variety of birds. The one who takes Exciting Andaman tour packages can book for trekking. This sprawling plot of land is covered in luscious woodlands which house the first-rate variety of wild creatures and uncommon plant species. However, you may also choose different hiking routes which are equally beautiful with opulent herbal wealth that can blow your thoughts. You can without difficulty get hold of all styles of hiking equipment, however, this equipment must not be too heavy as it can cause fatigues and severe injuries.The essential trekking equipment consists of food, water.Sloves, hydration tags to hold water and many extra beneficial and vital substances. Some of the locations for trekking in Andaman are


Mount Harriet is regarded as the highest peak in South Andamans, like every mountain, Harriet is also covered with greenery and at the top, Port Blair can be seen. The park additionally boasts of having the richness in its fauna and plant life. There are a lot of unique species of birds were eleven are endemic and being recognized by the authorities as a significant bird watching the centre of the island. There also are reptiles and some of the amphibians with new species of a Frog just recently been delivered to the list. There are also a couple of green marine turtles, mammals and species of moths. Trees and plant life are considerable in the park making the environment a really perfect place for the birds and different animals. Trekking to Madhuban can be done where at the beach, Elephant training camp is located, which is a 16-kilometer trek.


To reach the south west corner of Andamans, trekking from Chidiya Tapu is ingested but it is unknown to many. Chidiya Tapu is famous for an amazing sunset.For adventure enthusiasts, Chidia Tapu has a touch more to offer. A hiking path, which passes via woodland and delightful coast line to attain the Kala Pahad or Black Mountain. The trail starts at the shore of Chidiya Tapu beach and moves up passing through the densely wooded area. It’s really advised to take a guide throughout your trek to reach the Kala Pahad. Travel organisers will arrange Exclusive Andaman holiday packages for Chennainatives as well as other cities and trekking is a major plan in the itinerary. Upon attaining Kala Pahad, an elongated black cliff at the brink of Chidiya Tapu with an open sea scape is an awesome site, which almost all the travellers travelling these islands omit. An expert guide will accompany you during the trek in the jungle and return. The trek will be completed in about 40–60 minutes of time, depends on how speedy you’re. And ultimately you reach the south maximum ends of the islands where you could take snaps with your family and spend a while together with your circle of relatives. Upon finishing touch of the trek the guide will help you to go back via the same to revel in the sundown.


Trek the Havelock islands to pass through its wilderness finally to reach mangrove creeks and elephant beach. The cool breeze of coastline shores will accompany throughout the trek taking almost the duration of 45 minutes. Most of the tourist folks take a boat ride to reach this beach but trekking through this winding lanes and across wild mangrove forest is the best way to indulge in an adventure and which will be guided by experts. On reaching the beach, settle comfortably and if possible try out snorkelling.


The unique island of Andamans where you can find some attractions which you have never seen in your lifetime. On reaching the islands, trek through dense forest where cleared paths have been made. On the course of your trek, mangrove creeks can be encountered. The trek will take approximately 15–20 minutes duration and on the way, Jarwa tribes can be spotted. At Limestone caves, you can watch amazing calcite stones through caves which can change their structure according to seasons. The cave structure is so wild and tries to get inside watch amazing wonder inside. This will be a thrilling part of any Romantic Andaman honeymoon packages as couples can together behold the wonders of the island.


Perfect peak to trek as there are nature trails through evergreen forest, the peak is just 732 meters above sea level but still considered as the highest peak of the island. The only river of Andamans, Kalpong passes through this location. A watch of the river and Alfred caves is possible on this trek. Alfred caves are the wide spread chain of 22 caves, amongst the least explored and understood the location. Indeed a beautiful location on earth where nature’s art is appreciated. The peak has lush green forestry housing 13 indigenous bird species, 36 indigenous insect species, and indigenous trees of 6 species. Thus this peak is undoubtedly rich in biodiversity and is a nature paradise.

The trekking activities in Andamans can be best experienced during the month of November to April. if possible and your daily life permits, it is suggested to pick tour packages during December. when the islands of Andamans are blessed with various water sports activity, trekking is not so sought by travellers. May be the lack of proper guidance and security is the major reason. If a travel authority is booked then they can arrange the finest guides to trek through these wild jungles.

The Andaman Islands, where peace dwells in tranquil beaches of serenity

India is a country where a Thalassophile get to explore the abundance of sea destinations. But the factor that differentiates the rest of the places from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is what has made the location a hotspot for travel. A number of beaches can be located in the metro cities like Chennai and Mumbai. Yet the travelers prefer to move on a journey that lets them indulge in the beach fun. A person who has been to Tamil Nadu can easily segregate the reasons to why a Chennai to Andaman package is a must pick from the lot. A lot of added benefits to the journey also makes it worth the money spent on a trip to the Isles.Given below are few reasons on why people can have a much satisfactory time at the Islands.

· The famous beaches located in India like Marina Beach and Juhu beach let the people stare at it for hours. But when it comes to getting down to the beach, the people have concerns of getting rashes from the polluted water of the sea. This thought does not trouble the tourists visiting the Andaman Island where the water glistens in its purest form. No industrial waste or harmful chemicals are let into this sea here due to which the natural turquoise blue color of the sea is a treat to the eyes. Everyone including children can get down into the water to swim in the waves.

· People also often keep away from smelly and dirty surroundings of beaches that are visited by people as the required care is not given to these places. But at Andaman, strict rules are levied on the people where they are not allowed to take plastics and dispose it in the premises of the beaches. The clean surroundings add to the delight of the scenery that is showcased to the people. A major factor that helps keep the beaches clean at the Islands is the fact that snacks are not sold on the beach here unlike the beaches in the localities. The travelers coming to the place have to go to the cafes in order to buy munchies. Hence, littering is very less and it helps the people have the best holiday session in the Island.

· The usual beaches in the suburbs do not facilitate underwater games as all that one would get to see under the water would be the waste that the people have deposited in the sea. Also, after diving, one will have to take some time in cleansing the skin from the dirt. When at the Andaman Islands, the travelers need not worry about this concern when choosing to dive into the water. They get to dive into the pure refreshing water where innumerable varieties of fish can be spotted. One need not be bothered by any bad odour that would be a constraint for the people when they usually spend time at the beaches in Chennai. The fact that commercial fishing is not allowed in the water here has made the sea the best place to see colorful marine animals. The richness of coral reefs also showcases to the people, the reality in the seabed.

More initiatives are being taken by the authorities of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands so that the travelers can have a splendid time on the beaches. When a clean and healthy environment is set up by the concerned, the tourism sector is more benefited through it. The safety from pollution, provided to the people enables them to have a happy journey at the Isles. Hence a journey lets the tourists through a trip where they get to see the best of the Indian Ocean.

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