Trekking Trails in India


Trekking is a combination of hiking and walking. Trekking is more of walking at mountainous areas, to enjoy nature. There are many popular trekking trails in India which is a holiday destination too.

-DOON VALLEY - situated at Gharwal, Uttarkhand Doon Valley is a cradle shaped valley with alpine vegetation and snow covered peaks. Villages such as Gangaad Seema, Osla are camping spots. Totally 9 days are required to trek. Starting from Harkidun, the Trekker can explore Morinda lake, kalanag peak, Taluka, Rupin River and more. Summer trekking is best done from April to June, while winter trekking is best done from September to December. ESSENTIALS TO CARRY- Winter wardrobe-Trekking boots-poles-shoes-torch-water bottles and moisturiser.

-NAGALPURAM -situated at Chittor, Andhra Pradesh, Nagalpuram offers exotic,scenic, nature delights. Nagalpuram hills are dense with innumerable streams and boulders. On weekly basis for regular Trekkers, the treks are organised. Starting from Nagalpuram taking help from Arai village this trail is clear and straight forward. 18kms from Nagalpuram town is Nagalpuram trek. Summers are the best time to trek. ESSENTIALS TO CARRY - compass-Backpack-LED torch-sleeping mat.

-INDRAHAR PASS - situated at Himachal Pradesh on Dhauladar range this pass is close to Dharmashala. This trek trail shows the Himalayan ranges, gives panaromic view of Dhauladhar, and other astounding Himalayan peaks. The Lahesh cave is a famous place of exploration for Trekkers. A four day trek is arranged starting from McLeod Ganj via Dhauladar range. It shows panaromic views, scenic marvels and opulent beauty of Himalayas. The best trekking season if from April to October. ESSENTIALS TO CARRY -warm clothes-sleeping bags-water proof tent.

-HAMPTE PASS TREK-situated on Manali side of Himachal Pradesh, trekking trail, gives direct experience of flora and fauna, meadows, lush green forest and barren lands. A 3 day camp is arranged from Manali with a stop over at eerie Chandra Tal, a place full of exploration, adventure and scenic moment. The best time to trek is from mid June-September. ESSENTIALS TO CARRY -Thermal infers-Pair of gloves-Trekking shoes.

-VALLEY OF FLOWERS -situated at Uttarkhand, this trekking trail, gives you full view of flowers and snow capped peaks. There is a huge variety of alpine flowers and rich flowers. It is a World Heritage Site too. A 6 day trek covers valley of flowers. The best time to visit this place is in the month of July-August. ESSENTIALS TO CARRY -Trek pants-rain coat-Cold cream and sun screen lotion.

-SAVADURGA TREK -situated 60 kms away from Bangalore, and nestled between Billigodda and karigoda peak, this trek covers dense forest, ranges Tipu Sultan fort, and lush greenery. The best time to trek is from November to Februaury. ESSENTIALS TO CARRY-Rocksack-Light cotton T-shirt-sunglasses.

-NILGIRIS- situated in Tamilnadu, this hill is called Blue Mountains. This trek offers, full view of rippling streams, rich sanctuaries of Mudumalai and Mukurthi, thick forest, rhododendron plantations and splendid view of lands of Coimbatore and Mysore. Trekking is arranged from 3 places Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri. The best time to trek is from November to February. ESSENTIALS TO CARRY -Insect repellant-floppy hat-sunglasses are important.

-KALSUBAI -situated in Maharastra it is called "Everest of Sahaydri". This trek gives view of rocky terrain, Kalsubai temple, Backwaters of Bhandardara, range forts such as Aundha, Ramasej, Kulauq and more. Trekking is for a day and arranged from Pune, Mumbai. The best time to trek is from June to Decmber. ESSENTIALS TO CARRY-Torch-Plastic bags to cover the rain hitting the bag-Energy powders.

Trekking is also back packing and exploring. Many a times travelling gives a new direction to our soul. India a land of bountiful nature makes trekking rejuvenating and peaceful.