Trip to AHOBILAM Temple kurnool district

10th Aug 2019
Day 1

Ahoblam Temple

Ahobilam Temple

The temples of Ahobilam are situated 25 kms away from the small town of Allagadda in kurnool district. Believe me this is the most spectacular temple that i have seen in my travel journey in rayalaseema. It has its own ancient architectural uniqueness and is located in the middle of Nalamala forest in the natures lap and what more does a traveler like me wants.

Ahobiam Narasimha Swamy Temple History

It is Believed that lord Venkateswara evolved into Narasimha Swamy at this place.  The name of the place also suggests so, When lord Narasimha swamy evolved by breaking the stone pillar every body who witnessed the phenomenon started shouting AHO - BALAM. Balam in telugu means Strength. AHO - BALAM turned to Ahobilam with changing times. 

If you want to know the entire history just go through the tales of Bhakt Prahalada 

It is also believed that nalamalla forest is the form of Adi shesha, The Serpant bed of Lord Vishnu and is believed that Tirumala is the head, Ahobilam is at the belly and the srisailam is at the tail.

One of the temples at Diguva Ahobilam

It is the only place in india where 9 forms of narasimha swamy are present at one place. The Nava Narasimha Swamy Temples. The Entire ahobilam temple is divided into two parts. 1) Eguva ahobilam -Which consists of 6 Temples 2) Diguva Ahobilam - Which has 3 Temples.

Diguva Ahobilam 

Diguva ahobilam has three temples - The temples of Diguva Ahobilam are architecturally stunning. Unfortunately when i was at ahobilam, The temples at Diguva ahobilam are closed for tourist, and were in the process of re-construction by the Govt but fortunately i had the privilege to enter the temple from Back side along with the construction workers and witness the beauty of the temple alone. Its like a dream come true to have witnessed on of the most famous temples in india alone in its original form.

Architectural Beauty of Diguva Ahobilam 

Temple Premises at Diguva Ahobilam

Ruined Temple Architecture - Diguva Ahobilam

Single stone pillar - Dwajasthambam

The Nine Temples of Ahobilam Diplete Nine Moods of Narasimha Swamy - Nava Narasimha Swamy ( nava Means  9)

Eguva Ahobilam:

Temple Mandapam at Eguva Ahobilam
Eguva ahobilam has 6 temples and if you are fit enough and strong enough you can visit all of them, if you are not so fit but still have the courage and strength, you can visit three of them or atleast two of them for sure. If you are fluffy like i am, you can only visit one temple with great difficulty.

As the name suggests Eguva Ahobilam is in the forest up-hill where you can go by a vehicle upto main temple and then have to trek through the mountains and thick jungle to visit the other 5 temples.

Second Temple after a 5km Trek into the jungle

I suggest you to gather some courage and visit at least three temples because its kind of real adventurous trek, where there is no safety system, no security system, there are only fit people climbing rocks and going through mountains and forests and i assure you will have a wonderful experience to cherish all your life.

Racoon somewhere in the middle of jungle

How o Reach AHOBILAM

Ahobilam is situated around 25kms away from a small town called Allagadda in kurnool district and is approximatley 64kms from Nandyal towm and 140kms away from kurnool town. You can find buses to ahobilam from Nandyal, Kurnool and Allagadda but Allagadda would have more frequency of buses for obvious reasons. You have bus and Train facilities to nandyal from almost all major cities of Andhra and Karnataka and also from chennai. The nearst railway station is also at Nandyal and the nearest Airport is at Hyderabad and Bangalore Airport might also be at feasibly equal Distance. (approximately 400kms away)

Some Important Tips

If you are planning to trek till the last temple do carry water bottle and always start early may be around 6 am. This area is unbearably hot in summers and almost through out the year

Wearing trekking Shoes is advisable and if you dont have one, at least wear normal shoe, trek without shoe is not advisable in this forest.

It may sound silly but do carry a stick, There are people who provide bamboo sticks for 10 or 20rs at that place.

Make sure you are fit enough to trek in a harsh climatic conditions.

Visit this place and we promise you will have a wonderful time to cherish for the rest of your life.

If you like this article do share it with your friends and family, do let us know your experiences about this wonderful place. Also tell us if we have missed something or if we have gone wrong somewhere.

Thank you for your time.

Photo of Trip to AHOBILAM Temple kurnool district by Tharun Rao
Photo of Trip to AHOBILAM Temple kurnool district by Tharun Rao
Photo of Trip to AHOBILAM Temple kurnool district by Tharun Rao
Photo of Trip to AHOBILAM Temple kurnool district by Tharun Rao
Photo of Trip to AHOBILAM Temple kurnool district by Tharun Rao
Photo of Trip to AHOBILAM Temple kurnool district by Tharun Rao
Photo of Trip to AHOBILAM Temple kurnool district by Tharun Rao
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