Trip to Kerala with Gallivant Globetrot

1st Aug 2017

Gallivant Globetrot

Photo of Trip to Kerala with Gallivant Globetrot by Sonali Varma
Photo of Trip to Kerala with Gallivant Globetrot 1/3 by Sonali Varma
Photo of Trip to Kerala with Gallivant Globetrot 2/3 by Sonali Varma
Photo of Trip to Kerala with Gallivant Globetrot 3/3 by Sonali Varma

Trip to Kerala

Thank you for arranging such a nice and comfortable trip for us. Varun has done all the arrangements really well that we were really relaxed from that point of view. Our driver Harish was also good. His driving, contacts throughout the places and communication skills made our 4 days trip much more comfortable. He took us to all the view points while acting as a guide for our tour. House boat stay in Chitadil houseboat was very average but food and staff was good. Houseboat option should be changed to some other better one. And our expectation was to take the houseboat from Alleppey as per itinerary because of the reviews we have read but on the way to houseboat we got to know that we have to take from Kumarakom. Because of that we missed the view of Alleppey beach. We didn't raise any objection on that though as we didn't wanted to waste time there. We stayed in Camellia and Eletteria resort on day 1 which was a true paradise. But on day 2 another resort Dream Catchers plantation resort which was next to Camellia was arranged. And Dream Catchers was a bit disappointing as compared to Camellia as the rooms, food and services were not up to the mark. Also the room which was given was not having any good views from either side. Tough we asked for change in room it was not changed. 4th day of our 4 days trip was planned for Alleppey beach and Athirapally waterfalls. But since the itinerary was not changed, the driver thought we are asking him to go to that waterfall against itinerary and took us to regular cochin visit which wasted some of our time. But then we called Vibin and without much of discussion he immediately told driver about it and the driver took us to Athirapally waterfalls. But since it was already late and we had bus to catch in evening we got hardly 10-15 min to see the waterfalls. Not sufficient but saved disappointment of not seeing the falls. Thanks to Vibin for sticking to his words. Overall it was good and comfortable experience booking our trip Gallivant Globetrot

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