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17th Jul 2019
Photo of Trip to Vizag by akhil kotha
Day 1


The kailasagiri is situated in Andhra Pradesh in Vishakhapatnam district. It is over 568 feet height. To reach to the statue of the Lord Shiva and Matha Parvthi we need to go almost  568 feet top it is almost the 380 acres which is covered with trees and with statue.
They are two ways to reach the statue of Lord Shiva and Matha Parvathi one is road way means we can go through the vehicles to the top of the roof. And the other one is Rope way which is a new way we can find here in the kailasagiri they will be charging Rs 100/- per head for adults for up and down charges and Rs 60/- per children for up and down. The Maximum members in one cabin can be of 6 members. From the origin to the destination it will be taking the time of 50 seconds. Once the journey is started we can experiences the feel of visiting whole Vizag  through that cabin the view will be just amazing which covers of river and road and with the greenery and with the builds surrounded. When we were in the cabin we have experienced the three types of transport in one place that is water road and airways and that will be remained as a memorable moment in my life because the view which I have experienced cannot be available every time to everyone. Though it was 50 seconds of journey every one must experiences that kind of experiences at least once in a life.
Once the destination is arrived we can see the view from the top of 568 feet and visit the statue of Lord Shiva and Matha Parvathi and the statue will be attracting the people in such a way that you cannot turn your eyes from that places and statue and with irrespective of the age everyone will be liking that places due to the rope way and view from the top and the statute.

Started Journey from Hyderabad to Vizag

In Simhachalam we can visit Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha temple which is located in the Vishakhapatnam District. The temple is very olden temple and it is also a historical place to visit in Visakhapatnam. Lord Narshima will be covered with the sandal wood in that place as the god in that place is very powerful we can see that place every time with crowd.
To do darshan of the Lord Narshima you have three ways one is free darshan and other one is Rs 20/- per head and the other one will be of Rs 100/- per head. The break time for the temple is from 3Pm to 4 Pm later on it will be continued as usually.

The Rushikonda Beach is situated in Andhra Pradesh in Vishakhapatnam district. It is 8kms away from the Vishakhapatnam. It is largest beach in the Vishakhapatnam. There won’t be any better place than the beach to enjoy and to spend a quality time with friends and family. And there won’t be any better place than a sea shore to get relax. And the waves which will touch your feet and move when you are at sea shore it will be a different kind of experiences who can experience only in the beach. In Ruchikonda beach we can also find the submarine.  When we will be in the water we will forget about the time the work to be done. And we will live that moments and start enjoying the waves and the climate.


Photo of Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India by akhil kotha


Photo of Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India by akhil kotha

Rushikonda beach

Photo of Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India by akhil kotha
Day 2

TRAIN JOURNEY Vishakhapatnam TO Araku.
The train will be start at 6:45 Am from Vizag Railway station to Araku. They will charge of Rs. 45/- per head. As they is a huge competition for view and train jrny from Vishakhapatnam to Araku the passengers need to book the tickets before for the better convinces. The train journey will be around 4 hours to reach the destination. Though it is 4 hrs of journey we won’t feel bored or sleepy because when we travel the most of time we can enjoy by the view from the train from the left side of windows and doors. It will consist of the 42 tunnels in between the origin to destination. When we will cross the tunnels for around 45 seconds to one minute it will be of different experiences we can experience in the journey we cannot find these kinds of experiences anywhere in the world.

The katiki water falls are situated in Andhra Pradesh in Vishakhapatnam district. Basically the water is originates from River Gosthani. It is 4 kms away from Borra Caves. Own vehicles are not allowed in that area. To reach the waterfalls the person needs to go in the jeeps which will be available near the water falls they will be charging Rs 200 /- per head. And to some extent only the jeeps are allowed from that place the person need to go by walk around 1km to 1.5km.
When we walk around 1 to 1.5 km at some point we feel as when it will come because as it is located in the hill area we need to go upwards and also the route is also in a proper manner. In between we can also the find the railway track and a cannel.  But when we reach the waterfalls we will forget all the pain we have got and start enjoying the cold and fresh water from the river.
When we go by walk we can experiences the nature and do fun in-between and can also taste the tasty and yummy bamboo chicken which are available in the stalls with the price of Rs 20/- only and they also sell the bamboos sticks for 250/- each to experiences the bamboo chicken taste after reaching home. The view will be Awesome from the top it will be covered with various types of trees when we reach the top at the destination we cannot view the roads as it is fully covered by trees.
The water will be falling from the 40 feet of height cold and fresh water which is also can also be used as a drinking water. When we step in the water initially we feel as we have touched the defreeze water. The specialty of these waterfalls is we can experience the waterfalls by standing under the flow.

The Borra Caves are situated in Andhra Pradesh in Vishakhapatnam district in the east coast of India. It is one of the best visit places in the Araku valley. The places will be covered with rocks with irregular in shape. Though it is irregular in shape stalactites the structure of the rocks will be viewed in the form of sculptured form. The Rock are in the form of the stalactites due to the drops of water fallen from the roof of the caves.
The beauty of the rock was made by itself. Here we can experiences the beauty of the nature and the creation of the nature without any help of mankind.
When it comes my experiences in the borra caves it was fabulous because when it comes to nature it will attract the people with its beauty as I am already a nature lover it attracted me a lot with its sculpture which was created by itself with the drops of water fallen from the roof when i got to know this by the guide I was abit shocked and we can also see the monuments at the top of the roofs and surprisingly it was also created by the water fallen from the roof. Apart from the rock we can also see the lord Shiva was also there in the caves. The rocks are covered with lights to attract more the visitors. It will be attracting in such way that the person who ate to take pictures are also will be clicking the photographs.

The Galikonda view point is very famous and it is must to visit place in the Vishakhapatnam. It will be in-between the Vishakhapatnam to Araku . The name itself describes that view is to seen. The view will be fully covered with the tress and greenery. The height of the view point is around 5000 feet. It will be best places for the photography and it will attract the viewers by its climatic condition and by its view. The beauty of the nature can be seen in this place.  As a human tendency we can also feel that in that type of nature we feel to eat something like Hot or spicy food or kind of snacks. We can also find that kind of food there. We can enjoy the snacks and nature above the 5000 feet.

Galikonda View Point

Photo of Galikonda View Point, Araku, Andhra Pradesh, India by akhil kotha

Borra caves

Photo of Galikonda View Point, Araku, Andhra Pradesh, India by akhil kotha

Katiki waterfalls

Photo of Galikonda View Point, Araku, Andhra Pradesh, India by akhil kotha

Picture from train araku

Photo of Galikonda View Point, Araku, Andhra Pradesh, India by akhil kotha
Day 3

The Tribal Museum is situated in the Araku valley of Vishakhapatnam. The main cause of establish of tribal museum is get aware around the people about the culture and way of leaving of the tribal. Though the tribal museum is not a historical place but it is a mandatory place to visit in the araku valley the entry fee is also very less it charges Rs 10/- for adults and Rs 5/- only for children.  Because when we visit the places initially we will get to know what places are there to visit in the Vishakhapatnam as they have created a route map in the form of beautiful architecture. In that map we can see the places we need to visit and the sculpture of the architecture. In the entrances we can see pool with the availability of the boating.
When we go future we can see the stalls with the specification like farmers and tools used for traditional farming in that area the photograph are prohibited. And grains and what grains are grown in which way and the monuments which explain about the culture of the tribal means what kind of rules and what kind of tradition they do follow and what type of dance they will be famous for. And what type of law they have and type of business they will be doing to live. The speciality of this museum is nothing is written in words every thing will be in form of monuments. When a person suddenly see that monuments feels like a really a person is standing in that way the monuments are prepared.
We can also find the stalls in the museum which are variable for sale. We can find many items which are handmade and which are used by tribal people. Traditional art and ornaments and textiles used by the tribes.

The Coffee Museum is situated in the Araku valley of Vishakhapatnam beside lane of the Tribal Museum. The cost per person will be also is very less that is Rs 10/- per head. At the entrance they will be a ride the name of the ride is 360 degree the ride will cost Rs 100/- per head. The ride will be for 2 Minutes the ride will rotates in the 360 degree format. At a time 2 person or 4 persons are permitted for the ride.  The speciality of the coffee museum is they will prepare the coffee in front of us. They will show the mechanism of coffee preparation in front of us. Usually the coffee they made will be selling per cup it cost of Rs 15/- apart from the coffee they will also sell the chocolates with large varieties with many flavours in it.
When we start tasting the chocolates we cannot wind up it without buying the chocolates as we can see many numbers of we can buy the chocolates according our taste.

Photo of Coffee Museum, Araku - Visakhapatnam Road, Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh, India by akhil kotha
Photo of Coffee Museum, Araku - Visakhapatnam Road, Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh, India by akhil kotha
Photo of Coffee Museum, Araku - Visakhapatnam Road, Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh, India by akhil kotha
Photo of Coffee Museum, Araku - Visakhapatnam Road, Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh, India by akhil kotha
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