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Pекламные подарки

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In this digital era, businesses have multiple options when it comes to planning marketing strategies. Online marketing campaigns, social media, print and TV ads are often used as a channel to reach out and engage with the customers, and in this quagmire, promotional products seem to lost its sheen and often considered undervalued. However, the reality is different than anticipated. Research has shown that with powerful promotional merchandise, a customer can be influenced to remain loyal to a brand and it has better efficiency than other forms of marketing. Here in this article, we will explore why and how promotional products should be used in your business’s marketing strategy.

The Why

1. The first reason for using promotional products is that they have longevity and are quite useful to the customers or the recipients. Most of the marketing methods focus on digital channels whereas promotional merchandise can take your business to the real world. For example, branded mugs can take your logo to offices and households. Studies have revealed that many people keep these promotional items for quite a long time and it results in increased brand awareness of the business among the people who are using these products as well as the people around them. It forms a sort of connection between the people and the brand. Other people who stumble upon these items, get to know about the business and they might even try to purchase the products and services of the business.

2. When it comes to receiving a free gift, it leaves a lasting impression. People experience a certain emotion of pleasure when they get something unexpected, and it leads to positivity that is associated with the brand and the recipient. Research has shown that promotional gifts make customers feel more appreciated by the brand than any other mediums of marketing like online marketing or print. As a lot of such merchandises are desk-based and useful items, like cheap personalized pens and even key rings, it makes your brand closer to the targeted customers as they use your branded items. This essentially means that your brand is always at the forefront on the mind of the people whether consciously or subconsciously. It increases the likelihood of purchase of your products or services due to continuous reminder made by these items. It enables customer loyalty too as they keep on appreciating your gift item and your consideration for them which makes them continue with your business.

3. Marketing budget remains to be a key consideration for any business. When it comes to choosing the promotional products, it goes a long way to make great use of the money. Personalized items are a great marketing tool for a limited budget. The cost to produce branded products is considerable quite less than other forms of marketing and advertising. They also have longevity as these products are often used by the people and even passed on to others and can be used for a longer time regularly rather than TV ads and online campaigns which get forgotten easily. Hence such products provide you increased return on investment. As these products are often kept and reused by the people, it decreases the requirement to produce more and hence saves a lot of money of the business. Personalized gifts are also quite easier and less costly to procure and creates a unique connection between an individual and the business. Also, these promotional items can compliment the existing forms of marketing like experimental marketing campaigns and TV ads in order to create a greater impact on the psyche of the customers and also raise the brand’s profile of your business in the competitive marketplace.

4. When it comes to hearing promotional items, business gifts are the most commonly used in the corporate such as USB, pens and mugs which are often given at conferences and business events. There are a lot of options for a business to choose right corporate gifts to offer your business’s customers. There are great tech products such as power banks, Bluetooth speakers, CD cases, which target techs-savvy customers. For eco-conscious customers, there are pencils and recycled denim, as company gifts. Promotional products provide a great and powerful positive association between the customers and your business. To select a promotional product, it is essential to be creative as well as consider your business’s brand values and how they can be translated in a meaningful and powerful way to the customers.

The How

1. Giving promotional items directly to the customer is the best way to market your business. Promotional items likepersonalised chocolate bars, t-shirts, bags etc. create a unique impression with clients. Once they fall in love with your products, they become a voluntary advocates and brand ambassadors of your brand. The return on investments is huge when customers are willing to promote your products.

2. Using promotional items as a form of incentives is another form of how to use such products to market your brand. It increases your sales as it raises the morale of sales representatives. Whenever they meet their set sales quota, you can give them promotional items like engraved gifts such as customized jackets to motivate them. It serves as a sign that they are vocal advocates of your business.

3. Giving out promotional products on social media is another great way to hand out gift items. Social media followers of your brand can become the promoters of your business. Many businesses organize contests on their social media profile, and the winner is awarded with company’s souvenir. It makes them remain interested in the company as well as the products the business has to offer. It also helps in generating online word of mouth and improves corporate branding as these social media followers talk about their gift items from your business with their fellow connections.

4. Giving promotional items to employees is also a great way of advertising the company. It instils a sense of connection between the employees and the business. It is a great form of marketing which intrigues the customers to know more about the business.

5. Distributing promotional gifts at public relations events boosts your business’s image and reputation which are largely influenced by the inherent attitude of your business to public relations. At public relations events, you can distribute amazing gifts to create a memorable impression on your audience. You can also use these products in your sponsored events. It is a great way to appreciate your customers. You can give them as gifts or as prizes to the customers for winning a competition.

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