6th Sep 2019
Photo of Triund by Abhinav Priyadarshi
Day 1

Milkyway from Triund top.
Seeing the milkyway was one of my dreams since I got to know that we can see it with our naked eyes and a glimpse of it which I had for just 5 seconds in Chopta, tungnath (uttrakhand). This trip to Triund was the the major reason for witnessing it. We started our trek from dharamkot around 12pm. It was cloudy throughout our trek, it was like nature was playing hide & seek with us, sometimes foggy sometimes clear. When I arrived Triund top after 6 hours of trek I got disappointed because of the weather, it was fog everywhere I started making up my mind that it's okay Abhinav you might see milkyway in your next trip then I had dinner and disheartedly drifted off. Around midnight we woke up because of the discomfort and decided to take a walk. I went out to check the weather but when I looked up there it was, yes I saw milkyway with my bare eyes for the first time in my life. I can see why people might mistake it for clouds but it was definitely that spiral galaxy of stars I was dying to behold. It only got better as my eyes adjusted and I could see it stretch across the whole sky. I shouted, guyss come outside watch this. We were in shocked, literally! It was unbelievable and so beautiful but it got disappeared because of the clouds in a very short spam of time. I decided not to sleep until I saw it once again and capture it through my lens. I stayed outside, gazed upon the sky. Finally my wait was over after 2 hours and once again It appeared and this time it was even more beautiful and scintillating, I had never seen that amount of stars in the sky. I ran for my camera to capture it. After struggling with the tripod, location, and different camera settings (because it was my first time) finally I captured the most awaited picturesque panorama of my life.

Milkyway seen from Triund Top.

Photo of Triund, Himachal Pradesh by Abhinav Priyadarshi
Photo of Triund, Himachal Pradesh by Abhinav Priyadarshi
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