Triund, a journey to discover peace.

30th Sep 2016
Photo of Triund, a journey to discover peace. 1/1 by Sarthak Ahuja
The night Sky at Triund.

It was a long weekend and I was planning to go trekking for the past few months. My plan was created really spontaneously. Thanks to tripoto everything I needed to know was readily available. We boarded a bus from delhi to Mcleodganj and had a comfortable overnight journey. In the morning, we went hotel searching. My father and I stayed at a very nice hotel for a few hours and then went to shiva cafe from main square on foot(cabs are also available). We started our trek from Gallu Devi Temple. It was a very fun trek until the rain started. The rain made it pretty challenging to continue. Most of our group went back down, but we continued our trek. We reached the top in the evening and got to enjoy the mesmerising sunset. The stars made us feel comfortable at night. The sky was so full pf stars and we had never seen something like that. Being a Photography-enthusiast I always wanted to capture the Milky-Way. Seeing the galaxy, at first I just sat down on the wet ground and enjoyed it and then moved  a bit around the place to find a Good Composition. I would suggest not to go on holidays or even long weekends because the amount of people there can really be a lot and most of them are partying and drinking so it gets very loud as well. 

Here is a link to my Video Travelogue.